Flokiinu (June) Price, How To Buy Contract Address

Flokiinu (June) Price, How To Buy? Contract Address

Flokiinu (June) Price, How To Buy? Contract Address >> Please read the article below to know all about the new platform of cryptocurrency and crucial details about its statistical value.

The competition in every field is increasing each year with massive globalization happening. It is no surprise that this competition can be seen in the field of the cryptocurrency market. 

There are many known and unknown cryptocurrency markets online, and people worldwide, especially in the United Statesare always on the lookout for the best among them. 

One such platform is Flokiinu which garnered special attention after Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted about naming his new Shiba Inu dog as Floki. Let’s see if it is worth the hype. 

A Few Words about the Floki Inu

The cryptocurrency in question, FLOKI, is a relatively new venture. It is affiliated with Binance Smart. It is a meme coin unknown until Tesla CEO Elon Musk decided to make an indirect tweet about it. 

Not much is known about the venture, as this meme coin started spontaneously. The official website doesn’t have much information about the foundation of Flokiinu. All that is known was that the meme coin was launched in June 2021 on the UNISWAP app.

About the Founders

Currently, there is no information on the founder of this cryptocurrency. It could be attributed to the fact that the platform is relatively new; hence, it may take time before the information about the invention’s CEO/founder is accessible to the public. 

The Price of the Token

Knowing the price of cryptocurrency is an important step before becoming an investor. Especially when the cryptocurrency in question was unknown and suddenly gained massive popularity among the masses.

Therefore, based on our findings, the conversion rates of 1 FLOKI in the United States as of 29 June 2021 is 0.000002 USD.

Flokiinu Market Supply

  • The symbol of the Token is FLOKI.
  • The market rank of the token is not applicable as it is relatively new. 
  • The market cap of the token is $26,220. 
  • The FLOKI has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000,000. 
  • 24h trading volume of the currency is $2,193,686.
  • The token has $0.000000792628 / $0.00000270 for 24h Low / 24h High. 
  • The fully diluted valuation of the token is $1,949,450. 
  • The price of FLOKI is $0.00000179.
  • The total amount of transfers made by Flokiinu is 8,276. 
  • The number of holders for the token is 2,305.
  • The transparency grade for the token is shown to be poor.

How to Buy it?

To buy Floki, the interested individual has to follow some easy steps: 

  • To buy the token, the interested individuals can go on the Ethereum Mainnet. The customers can also access the app, such as MetaMask or TrustWallet’s app, on the phone.
  • The app individual would allow individuals to buy ETH and assist individuals in transferring Ethereum to MetaMask/TrustWallet address.
  • The individual then has to go to the Uniswap app or go to the official website Flokiinu and select the ” Buy on Uniswap” option. 
  • Once on the Unisawp page, click on the import button and select FLOKI from the set of options. 
  • After that, click on the ” Connect Wallet.” Once the individual has selected the wallet, enter the amount of Ethereum and click swap.


Q1. What is the URL for the official website?

A1. https://floki-inu.com/

Q2. How much is the worth of 1 FLOKI token? 

A2. 1 FLOKI = 0.000002 USD.

Q3. How to buy FLOKI cryptocurrency?

A3. To buy FLOKI, follow the few simple steps as mentioned earlier, or watch here


Q4. What is the Contract Address?

A4. It is – 0xb1f4b66104353ec63d8d59d3da42c0b4fb06e7f3


After reading through all the information about Flokiinu, the world of cryptocurrency may look alluring to the readers. However, as alluring and promising as it looks, the cryptocurrency world has its fair share of potholes. Hence before any decision regarding investment in the field needs plenty of research from the reader’s side. 

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Have you invested in FLOKI or are interested to invest?  Please share about your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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