Floki Coin Price In India (June 2021) Chart, How To Buy

Floki Coin Price In India (June 2021) Chart, How To Buy?

Floki Coin Price In India (June 2021) Chart, How To Buy? >> Are you looking for information about the coin’s price that changed because of one tweet? Please read the article below.

The values of digital currencies change anytime. But have you ever wondered that one tweet could drastically change the price? Yes, it happened in reality, the Floki price changes with one tweet of Elon Musk.

People in India and other countries started trading this coin after knowing that Elon Musk’s dog will be named Floki. So, in this article, we will share all the details about Floki Coin Price In India, its prediction and platforms to purchase them.

About Floki Coin

Floki coins are hyper-deflationary coins. It means such coins have a rapid increase or decrease in price. All the process involved here claims to give the best incomes to the new holders and investors.

The site launch date was 26th June 2021, and on 25th June 2021, the tweet by Elon musk states that his dog will be named Floki, which increased the value and people are too eager to invest and trade to get outstanding benefits. Another benefit of these tokens it that the tokens allow a buy-back policy that stands with good advantages as compared to other currencies.

To get more information about Floki Token Website, please stay tuned till the end of this article.

Founder of Floki Coin

The site claimed to launch three days ago, but yet the proper site is not designed. There is no information regarding the founder and keen team member on the site. It may share the details once the site is properly designed.

Market Cap and Supply

There is no data available regarding the values of the market cap. It has the 5811 ranks. The tokens have almost 100,000,000,000,001,000,000,000,000,000 total supplies and maximum supply of 1 quadrillion out of which 5% is for wallets, 40% for crowd sale, 32% of liquidity pool.

It also has 154 holders, holds a trading volume of $461, and experiences the rise in the last few hours.

Floki Coin Price In India

The current price of Floki coins is $0.00000272, and it’s has experienced the rise of 25%. The transaction has almost 6% of the tax, and the liquidity is locked, and the tokens are burnt.

Price Prediction

We have found that Floki coins have a good jump of 3500%. And it seems to increase more, but the exact prediction is not available as it is a small coin and claims to have a limited holder, so it seems to be volatile.

How to buy Floki Coin?

These tokens are rarely available on exchange sites. While searching for Floki Token Website, we found that to buy them you need to have accounts on trust wallet or Pancakeswap. 

  • Buy ETH or BTC using trust wallet and link the account.
  • Find Floki coins are exchanged by selecting the required amount.

Once the exchange complete, you will get the tokens in your wallet.


Q1. What is the contract address to buy the tokens?

A1. You can use 0x47e10659f54fb21e7e3e0ef387ab6872fb46316b for exchange of tokens.

Q 2. Where can you buy Floki Tokens?

A2. You can buy these tokens on Pancakeswap using the exchange of BTC or ETH.

Q 3. What are the current values according to the seven days high or low of Floki Coin Price In India?

A3. These coins have the all-time rise of $0.000006, but no other data is available.


The official site of Floki is going to soon launch with the required information. But it lacks information on platforms like coin market cap and poo coins. 

But before investing, you must know the basic steps for investing in crypto. We have shared all the essential information about the new coins launched that have shown a rise and seem to reach great heights soon.

Do you invest in volatile currencies? What is your opinion regarding Floki Coin Price In India? Please share your opinion in the comment section below.

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