Flame Chain Token 2021.

Flame Chain Token (July 2021) How to Buy? Chart, Price

Flame Chain Token (July 2021) How to Buy? Chart, Price >> Do you want to know the details of crypto tokens that provide decentralized and digital assets? Read the content here.

Are you searching for the token whose project ideas are active enough to create a platform for the next innovation? Then have your concentration on today’s content bringing the major highlights of the Flame Chain coin to you. 

India is heading towards the crypto world, where numerous investors are purchasing crypto tokens to gain profits. But sometimes, it’s become challenging for them to exchange their Bitcoins with the new tokens. However, if you are well-aware of the coin’s details, it can be easy to make a wise decision.

So, let’s explore Flame Chain Token!

What is Flame Chain?

The flame chain coin has entered the crypto market to offer easy payments integration and a digitalized arbitration system to investors. The major focus of the token is to resolve the issues like slow block confirmation and high charges before jumping to mass adoption.

The token aim is to offer its users an amazing experience, so the team members have made the interaction of the holders with the decentralized network much easier. Without having any worries about the complex ecosystem of the flame chain, you can take advantage of the token’s features.

Therefore, we can analyze that Flame Chain Token is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency that remains friendly with the environment.

Founders of the Flame Chain

After doing the research, we are unable to dig the information about the founders of the token. No details are shared by the official website. So investors must wait and stay updated on the portal to know about the CEO and the core team members.

Basic attention token, Binance Smart Chain and Hotbit are the partners of the flame Chain. 

Let’s get well-known with the tokenomics of the coin.

Flame Chain Token -Price Chart

  • Price – $0.00
  • Stock symbol – FLAME
  • Total supply – 2,500,000,000,000 FLAME
  • Total number of holders – 15977 addresses
  • Transfers – 53093 
  • Market cap – $572,161

Profile summary of the token

  • Contract address – 0xABEB9c25a0FFFc526817c81A34EeF6765A233cEf
  • Decimals – 8
  • Social profiles – not available

How to buy the token?

The Flame Chain is available at the topmost used crypto exchanging platforms like Binance Smart Chain, Pancakeswap, and Poo coin. You can use any of the platforms to access the Flame Chain Token.

The following steps are needed to be followed – 

  • It would be best if you had a Trust wallet or metamask to purchase the coin.
  • Fill your wallet with some funds. You can either put Bitcoins or Ethereum. 
  • Now, once your wallet is filled with bitcoin, you can now go to DApps and search for Pancakeswap.
  • The option of ‘connect your wallet’ will be available at the top left corner of the screen. Click on it.
  • After that, you have to select the currency as a flame chain, put down its unique contract address, and swap it.

By going through all the steps correctly, your Flame Chain Token will get added to the wallet.

Price Prediction of the coin

Well, the crypto forecasting platform has not done the future prediction of the coin yet. The project plans to bring innovation in technology and raise funds for the environment and humans. According to the Flame Chain, the more they will help, the more positive impact token will receive in the coming years.

If you want to know the transaction history and live price of the token, visit the below-mentioned link.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the official website of flame Chain?


  • Is the coin available on social media?

It is active on Twitter and Telegram.


You can claim airdrop of Flame Chain Token till 9th July through the private sale going on the portal. But before that, don’t forget to research at your own level too.

Are you interested in buying Flame Chain? Please let us know in the comment box.

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