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Fitfi Coin {April} Check Price, Prediction & How To Buy?

Have you realized the knowledgeable strings to the popular Fitfi Coin? Kindly learn the future predictions.

Do you want to understand the in-depth facts about the Step App token? Cryptocurrencies seem to be blooming in different regions Worldwide. Moreover, the ways to benefit the investors vary between tokens, but its purpose is to serve a better and improved platform to make a good income. 

Thus, in this writing, we will showcase the updated details of the Fitfi Coin. So, if you are curious to assemble informative details of this token, kindly read the following passages religiously. 

About Step App

According to the online threads, we spotted that it is an app built to gain profits by walking, running, and jogging. In simple words, this app targets fitness lovers and promotes healthier activity amongst investors. Moreover, Step App allows the traders to compete with their friends in the fitness journey. 

Also, the website exposed that the medium is supported by modern technologies to provide a seamless experience to users. So, let us proceed further to determine more clues on the token before explaining the Fitfi Price Prediction details. 

Explaining The Coin

The app has a governance currency, i.e., FITFI tokens that the users can claim as the profitable product from the ecosystem payment. Furthermore, the token monitors the platform, ensuring that the transactions should be safe. 

In addition, the Step App and its products are maintained by a group of individuals to give the maximum benefits to the users. So, if you want to learn the identity of some team members, kindly jump into the underlying section softly. 

Chief People Managing The Fitfi Coin

While investigating the website, we noticed that the following members are actively contributing to this app and the tokens-

  • Kirill Volgin– CEO.
  • Robert Vukosa– Main Business Developer. 
  • Hatu Sheikh– Adviser.
  • Dmitry Gordeychuk– CTO. 
  • Dovey Wan– Adviser.

In the next passage, we will showcase the cost of the FIFTI token, so we recommend you to notice the section keenly. 

Latest Token Worth

A verified source expressed that the recent FITFI cost is $0.3019 with a 129.07% up. Now, let us note the future worth of this token in the below section to estimate its usefulness.  

Price Estimation Of The Token 

We retained the Fitfi Price Prediction from a thread for a few years. So, you can check the table stated below to gain more knowledge.

Year Average Price 
2022 $0.33
2023 $0.47
2024 $0.69
2025 $0.96
2026 $1.40

Market Rank And Statistical Details 

  • The token’s market cap value is unavailable. 
  • The all-time high price of FITFI is $0.3557.
  • Its 24-hour volume value is $276,725,405.
  • The market rank of FITFI is #2830. 
  • The token’s all-time cost value is $0.1281.

Token Distribution Chart

Team  15%
Public Sale 14%
Marketing, Licences, etc. 15%
Partners, Consultants, etc.  6%
Mining  30%
Staking, Incentives, etc.  20%

Where To Get The Token? 

Based on a Fitfi Coin source, we realized that OKX, Gate.io, MEXC Global, etc., are some suggested exchange mediums for FITFI.


Q1. How To Visit The Token’s Official Portal?

A1. https://step.app is the accession link to this coin. 

Q2. What Is The Contact Address Of FITFI?

A2. A source highlighted 0x714f020C54cc9D104B6F4f6998C63ce2a31D1888 as the contract address of this coin.

The Final Verdict

Today, we have displayed the informative details and the future price estimation of the FITFI token. Read more hints on this token here. Visit here to understand How To Spot A Bitcoin Scammer

Are you aware of the updated strings to the Fitfi Coin? Please mention your feedback below in the comment section. 

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