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First Wife Spencer Herron: Are Kids Rachel Victim? Check Children & Student Abusing Facts Now!

The article on First Wife Spencer Herron covers all the unknown facts about the child abuser Spencer Herron.

Do you know who Spencer Herron is? Do you know the name of Spencer Herron’s first wife? Spencer Herron and his first wife, Jenifer Faison, are the two real-life characters of the continuing Hulu crime series Betrayal: The Perfect Husband. 

The natives of the United States eagerly waited for this series. And now people from different states started searching for the First Wife Spencer Herron to know the real story. 

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What is the story of Spencer Herron and his first wife?

The continuing Hulu crime series, Betrayal: The Perfect Husband is based on a real-life incident. The documentary tells the story of a high school student who revealed being physically assaulted by her schoolteacher Spencer Herron. According to some sources, the student’s name was Rachel. That is why some people also searched for the Rachel Victim

Jenifer Faison, the ex-wife of Spencer Herron, was a college-time sweetheart of Spencer. However, one afternoon in June 2018, Jenifer Faison discovered she was living a fairytale. Jenifer Faison revealed that her husband was in affairs with multiple friends, strangers, and neighbors. Spencer and Jenifer’s happily married life lasted for seven years. 

What did Spencer Herron do with his Student?

Spencer Herron, a teacher at Kell High School in Marietta, Georgia, started texting his female student and encouraged her to meet in the summer of 2016. According to the court documents, Spencer pretended to take her on unsanctioned trips. But in reality, Spencer Herron physically assaulted the girl throughout the session. 

It is not the first time when Spencer Herron abused Kids. Yes, you are reading it correctly. According to the records, Spencer Herron also physically assaulted two other female students at the school from 2016 to 2017. 

What did Jenifer Faison say about his husband’s crime?

Jenifer Faison was shocked after hearing the truth about her husband, Spencer Herron. In an interview, Jenifer Faison said that she did not even guess that her husband could take advantage of Kids. She also said none of Spencer Herron’s known people could guess it. 

What did ordinary people say about this news?

The story of Spencer Herron disgusted thousands of people. Several people cursed Spencer Herron for abusing kids. You can check our “Social Media Sites Links” section to see some of the comments. 

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People were stunned after hearing that this person who abused Children was awarded the Teacher of the Year title in 2016-2017. In 2018, the police arrested Spencer and fined him $55,220. Click here to watch the detailed video of Spencer Herron.

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First Wife Spencer Herron– FAQs:

Q.1 Who is Spencer’s ex-wife?

Ans. Jenifer Faison. 

Q.2 What does Jenifer Faison do? 

Ans. Jenifer is a TV producer. 

Q.3 In which jail was Spencer for six years?

Ans. Wilcox State Prison in Abbeville, Georgia.

Q.4 When did Spencer get released from jail?

Ans. In June 2023.

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