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Find Flames Fortnite: Find Find Flames the Flames Pass Riddle Answer & Steps to Solve It!

In this article, you will learn about the latest Find Flames Fortnite riddle and steps to solve it to get massive loot.

Are you a Fortnight player? Have you updated your Fortnite game to the newest version? Are you looking for the solution to the Southern Ruins flames puzzle chest? The new update in the Fortnite game brought tremendous changes and multiple inventory items attracting players.

Multiple players from the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom are excited to see how to unlock the ruin’s treasure. According to public opinion, chapter four, season 3 of Fortnite, is one of the most exciting updates. To get information about how to Find Flames Fortnite follow the article thoroughly.


About the Fortnite Flames

The mystery Vault in the ruins of Fortnite has multiple hidden items that attract the players to visit and redeem the chest. People call this mysterious path a Flame route or Flame puzzle as later, after entering the last door of the path, you need to enlighten the flames. 

To enter the path, you need to open the door, which is located in the southern section of the ruins. When you try to open the path and enter the mysterious room, you need to sacrifice your Epic and mythic item from the inventory. As a result, you will get into the final stage puzzle and get multiple chests and loot.

Find Flames the Flames Pass Fortnite

In the updated version 25 of Fortnite, people purchase the battle pass to redeem multiple items for the inventory. These items are very useful to complete the ruins puzzle as they require multiple items to sacrifice and Enter The Final Destination.

Find Flames the Flames Pass Fortnite

However, people are not ready to sacrifice their previous inventory items, so they purchase the battle pass to get Mythic items. You can directly use the latest or the oldest items of the Epic and Mythic collection in the inventory to solve the riddle.

How to Solve Flames Riddle

Fortnite Find the Flames puzzle is a bit dicey and requires two items from the inventory to redeem the final chest. At the beginning of the Mysterious Path, you will find a gateway with a shining purple-blue light. When you approach that light, it will show you an option to give an item. 

At this stage, you have to sacrifice any Epic item from your inventory. Doors will unlock, and you will enter the next stage, where you will see flames near a sculpture, some of which are not lit. Remember the pattern to light the non-lit braziers; at the door, you must sacrifice a mythic item. Finally, you will be able to see the chest get awesome loot. 

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Final Verdict!

The new Fortnite update brought great excitement to the player. New updates people are excited to visit the Flame Riddle location and solve the puzzle. However, to open the massive flame chest, you need to sacrifice two items (Epic and Mythic, Respectively) from inventory.

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Find Flames Fortnite: FAQs

Q1 Can we download Fortnite from the iOS Store?

Fortnite is not available on the Android store or iOS Store.

Q2 What is the storage size of Fortnite for the PC?

Fortnite size for PC is 26 GB

Q3 What is the maximum lobby size of Fortnite?

100 people

Q4 Can we get the Epic item back in inventory after completing the puzzle?

No, you cannot get those items back in your inventory.

Q5 Find the Flames the Flames Pass Fortnite Cost?

The Fortnite battle pass will cost you around 950V, i.e. approximately $10.

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