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Finance Holdex (Sep 2021) Token Price & Prediction!

Read here the relevant details of the Finance Holdex and get to know about the holdex finance project.

We heard the reports that revealed the most attractive community who worked in designing holdex finance. After some days of launch, it was examined that project got its popularity all around, including regions of Croatia, Turkey, and India.

This is be regarded as one of the attractive projects over the DeFi space. Additionally, the project is receiving immense attention as its expanding its community by collaborating and partnering with other companies. Finance Holdex is compatible with the token holdex. Let’s now begin with our main motive of revealing this finance details.

About Holdex Finance

It’s an automated market with decentralized features giving unique features of token distribution style and benefits of farming. In this platform, one can easily make transactions and invest. The process of investment is automated, which is done via the H-ATB bot and H-APY scanner. These are easy solutions to carry on a transaction that entirely belongs to the team of Holdex. 

Holdex Finance is compatible with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, HuobiEco chain, and holdex token. It gives freedom to support and manage farms and stake pools. The company had collaborated with other companies, due to which the community of the holdex is expanding.

Founders Of Finance Holdex

The founders are yet to be revealed about this token. However, it’s said that the team is working with other projects too. The partnership and collaboration members names are certik, Mainnet software, Binance Smart Chain, Bloomberg, coinspeaker, icoholder, yahoo finance, index, Coin market cap, and Coin geko.

Finance Holdex News

A few days ago, the sources revealed that holdex finance is thinking of partnering with the leading Crypto company players to enhance the company’s Defi solutions.

The team announced its mission of the holdex mobile application. Though the roadmaps of the holdex are very different, they are going to reveal their application soon. The application is going to be a unique one in the history of Defi.

The holdex project is tracked closely in financial content and press producers. Finance Holdex has given Defi space and Fin-Tech solutions to the platform.

Holdex Finance Overview 

  • Public sales: 23rd June 2021 to 22nd Sep 2021
  • IEO Launchpad: September 16, 2021- September 30, 2021
  • Token supply: 5,000,000 Holdex 
  • Soft Cap: 750,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 2,000,000 USD

Token Information 

  • Ticker: HOLDEX
  • Token Price: 1 Holdex= 0.1 USD
  • Token distribution 
  • Rewards: 5%
  •  ICO: 5%
  • Private sale: 5%

How To Buy Holdex Finance?

The buying procedures of the holdex are not known yet as we didn’t have any access to the sources displaying the information about buying this finance.

However, to buy Finance Holdex, you may check different exchange platforms that support the Token and follow the same steps for buying other Cryptocurrencies.

Suppose the token is available in the exchange platform. You can easily purchase it.

Frequently Aske Questions 

  1. What is the ticker symbol of this Finance?
  2. Ans. The Ticker Symbol Of holdex finance is HOLDEX
  3. Who is the founder of Holdex Project?
  4. Ans. The founder’s name of holdex finance is not known 
  5. What is the total supply of Holdex tokens?
  6. Ans. The total supply in the sale of holdex finance is 5,000,000


Undoubtedly Finance Holdex is said to be the popular platform in the DeFi. The company collaborates with other communities to expand its project and give its community a popular name in the market. This will also attract users and let them buy holdex for their benefit. 

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