Fevr Coin 2021.

Fevr Coin (July 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

Fevr Coin (July 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address >> The guide shares details about the new crypto token launched for the everlasting fantasy football NFT moments.

The fantasy leagues concept is becoming quite popular globally, and RealFevr focuses on making the concept available for all. It is now focused on entering the global marketplace of sport NFTs with the launch of the football video NFTs marketplace aided by intellectual property.

The marketplace allows trading within of crypto ecosystem with the use of a native token called Fevr Token. The native token launched to disrupt the NFT ecosystem by integrating the innovative technology and decentralization with the exclusivity of video collectibles to empower the gamers. 

Fevr Coin is the popular choice in the United States and Turkey.     

What is Fevr Token?

RealFevr is the platform commenced in 2015 as the fantasy football application with over 1.2M registered users worldwide, three international club competitions, ten national leagues, and all major European team competitions. 

Since the fantasy leagues idea is taking the world by storm, RealFevr is now focusing on entering into the global consolidation and sports NFTs marketplace with the launch of the first of its kind of football video NFTs marketplace aided by intellectual property. The NFTs marketplace is likely to have the native token called Fevr Coin or token.     

It aims to disrupt the NFT ecosystem. It brings together the innovative technology and decentralization with the distinctiveness of the football video collectibles to empower the gamers. It also offers utility for every moment while gamifying it with the fantasy token leagues backed by intellectual property. 

Who Founded Fevr?

The team behind RealFevr and Fevr token comprises some of the veteran and renowned names of the crypto world. The team includes Fred Antunes serving as CEO, Andre Viana serving as executive chairman, Tiago Bem working as CTO, and Pedro Febrero, the high lord of blockchain. 

You may check the other team members on its official website.

Fevr Coin Market Cap, Circulating Supply and Live Price Data

At the time of writing the report, the live market price of Fevr Token is $0.011784, with the rising trend of 48.54% in the last 24 hrs. Besides, the token registered the highest trading volume of $39 560 787 in the last 24 hrs, and it has seen an upward trend in volume by 64.36% in the last 24 hrs. 

The coin market cap data is not available, but it is ranked at #2539 based on its price trend and market cap. The fully diluted market cap of Fevr Coin is $188 550 438.38.

In terms of circulating supply, we have not found any data for the total circulating supply of the coin. However, 16 000 000 000 FEVR are available for maximum circulating supply. 

How to Buy Fevr Token?

  • Download and install a trusted wallet like MetaMask
  • Link the wallet to your desired exchange like BSC
  • Buy some BNB currency as you can’t the token with fiat money
  • Send the BNB to your wallet 
  • Launch PanCakeSwap and connect to the wallet 
  • Use the contract address 0x82030cdbd9e4b7c5bb0b811a61da6360d69449cc manually
  • Set slippage of 20% or above
  • Enter the amount of Fevr Coin you want to buy and swap
  • Transfer the purchased coin to your wallet  


Q1. What is the Official Site of RealFevr?

A1. https://www.realfevr.com/ is the official website of RealFevr.

Q2. Which Contract Address to Use?

A2. You can use 0x82030cdbd9e4b7c5bb0b811a61da6360d69449cc as the contract address to buy the coin. 

Q3. What is the Live Price of Fevr?

A3. The Live Price of the token is $0.011784.


Fevr Token is the native coin of the RealFevr ecosystem, and you can use it for trading on the platform. However, the Fevr Coin has an increasing price trend, making the token worthwhile for long-term investment.    

You must check the price data and learn the tips on how to make money with Cryptocurrency in 2021 before investing in any token.    

What do you want to add about the new crypto token? Would you please share it in the comment section?

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