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Fever Valley Fungal Infection: How It Spreads? What Are Its Smptoms? Check All Crucial Details Now!

The below post makes you aware of the Fever Valley Fungal Infection, its impact and the reason for its increase.  

Do you know about the growing cases of fungal infection in the U. S. recently? Are you aware of the newly released details about the spread of Fever Valley infection? If not, then through this article, you can briefly learn about fungal disease. The spread of fungal infection has grown in the past few years because of heat and high temperatures in the United States and Canada

Let us discuss the case further and learn about Fever Valley Fungal Infection and its causes and symptoms. Then, read the blog carefully to collect more information. 


Disclaimer: This post is based purely on internet research and for educational purposes only. 

Is Valley Fever a serious infection? 

Per the research reports by Dr. Paris Salazar-Hamm, a researcher at New Mexico University, fever valley fungal infection will likely spread highly because of the climate weather changes throughout the country. The disease started leaking in 2019, and the cases were fewer, but it caused a severe impact and even death.

So, even if the spread of Fever Valley Fungal Infection is less still, each year, near about 200 people die from the infection. It is caused by Coccidioides fungus. Refer to the links attached for further reference. 

How does the Valley Fever Fungus spread? 

The spread is caused by inhaling spores of the contained soils, and through breathing, it spreads in the body through the respiratory system to the lungs and the body’s reproductive system. 

The Fever Valley is not contagious from person to person, but it enters the body by airborne Coccidioides fungus most commonly grows due to heat. 

What are the symptoms of Fever Valley Fungal Infection

Typically, it takes around two to three weeks for the symptoms to occur. It includes:

  • Hair loss
  • Fatigue 
  • Fever
  • Rashes
  • Body ache 
  • Headache 
  • Joint Pains 
  • Breathe shortness etc. 

Why is the Fever Valley infection spread dangerously? 

The recent release of ‘The last of us’ has increased the fear in people’s minds as the Fever Valley infection is spreading rapidly, which kills 1 in 100 people. The reason behind that is climate change, and as the temperature gets warmer, it is likely to get more dangerous. 

Is there a cure for Valley Fever infection? 

Doctors often misdiagnose Fever Valley Fungal Infection because it is not detected easily, and there is insufficient awareness between doctors and patients. In addition, it has no dedicated medication or cure and is a very tricky fungus. But a shot is most likely to be approved by the year 2024.

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This fungal infection does not turn people into zombies as shown in the series, but it can cause other severe damage or even death, for that matter. 

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Fever Valley Fungal Infection: FAQs

Q1. Is Valley Fever a contagious disease? 

No, valley fever is not a contiguous disease. It can only be caused by inhaling airborne spores. 

Q2. What is a Valley Fever fungal infection? 

Valley Fever is an infection caused by a fungus caused by Coccidioides.

Q3. By what means can the Valley Fever be spread? 

It can be spread through breathing the soil which contains the fungus. 

Q4. Why is the disease getting into the limelight recently? 

The recent release of the series ‘The last of us’ has created hype on the internet. 

Q5. What is the percentage of death from Fever Valley Fungal Infection?

It can lead to the death of 1 out of 100 people. 

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