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Fernando Baez Sosa Twitter Video: Is The Original Tape Going Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube & Telegram Media? Check Now!

In this article, you will find the reality of Fernando Baez Sosa Twitter Video. Also, get all the information regarding the murder case in this article.

What is the outcome of Fernando Sosa’s death? What judgement was given by the Argentina Court? Why did this take more than three years? Worldwide, people are demanding the justice of Argentina immigrant Fernando Sosa. He was murdered to death in 2020 by a bunch of rugby players. The accident took place outside the nightclub Le Brique.

Recently a Fernando Baez Sosa Twitter Video has been rapidly circulating on social media and Twitter where people are demanding justice for Sosa.


Disclaimer: We are not promoting any incident or news. We are providing details only for information. 

How did the video become a viral sensation?

Initially, the video was recorded by one of the Murder, Lucas Pertossi, and then he shut the video and started beating Baez Sosa. Finally, the police investigating the scenario got the video as evidence. Recently a video circulating on Twitter of an Instagram close friend story in which a bunch of boys beat up an innocent.

Many people find the similarity of the incident that occurred with Fernando Sosa Mor V. People also accept that the guy getting beaten up in the video is Fernando Sosa. However, the video is of daytime, and the incident with Fernando Sosa occurred at night. At the time of the incident, the original video was circulating rapidly on Tiktok.

Judgement of Argentina Court

The court stated that the victim was brutally assaulted by players Maximo Thomson, Enzo Comelli, Matias Benicelli, Luciano Pertossi, and Ciro Pertossi. The court sentenced them to 30 years imprisonment and 15 years imprisonment to Lucas Pertossi, Cinalli, and Viollaz.

The second-degree murder of an innocent is Viral On Reddit and social media to get justice for the lesser one. 

The sad part of the justice system is that it took more than three years to conclude. However, the police got the evidence and proof of the murder mystery within the same day. Moreover, at the time of the incident, all the youngsters were around 18.

Fernando Baez Sosa Video Original

People demand the original video of the incident, recovered by the police. Even though a few short clips of the incident are available on private social media accounts, it is illegal to share the video of the incident on social media. 

Although people are looking for the video on YouTube and other social sites to gather any original video clips.

Full Name Fernando Baez Sosa 
Education  High School in Law College
Age  18
Date of Birth 2 March 2001
Date of Death 18 January 2020

How did the incident take place?

Fernando Baez Sosa, along with her fellow friends and girlfriend, went for a holiday in Villa Gesell. They went to a nightclub with a fellow friend, where they accidentally struck a bunch of rugby players of a similar age. 

However, Fernando Baez Sosa Video Original verifies that players intended to beat up the innocent boys, which ended up in the painful death of Fernando in the one-sided fight. 

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Final Verdict! 

The Innocent youngster, 18-year-old Fernando Sosa, was beaten to death outside the nightclub by random rugby players. After the incident, it took more than three years for the court to submit the judgement.

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Fernando Baez Sosa Twitter Video: FAQs

Q1 How many boys are involved in the murder of Fernando Sosa?

Eight boys.

Q2 What is the current age of murderers?

Around 21 to 23.

Q3 Who are the parents of Sosa?

Father: Silvino Baez

Mother: Graciela Sosa.

Q4 Who is the girlfriend of Fernando Sosa?


Q5 Who initiated the fight?

Rugby players.

Q6 Can we find the original video on Telegram?

There is no legit proof of video on Telegram.

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