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Felipe Kast Video: Is The Viral Content Available on TWITTER, Reddit & Telegram?

This article provides information on the Felipe Kast Video and tells the readers about interesting facts related to the video and Felip Kast.

Did you check out the trending video on Twitter related to Felipe Kast? The whole Twitter and other social media platforms are flooded with memes and comments that affects the readers of Chile and the United States

If you want to know the whole story behind the Felipe Kast Video, who Felipe Kast is, and why he is trending, then start reading the article until the end. 

Content of Felipe Kast Viral Video

You won’t find much information on the internet related to the video in English as all the content is in Spanish, and you need to translate the whole page into your native language to understand. 

However, the information we gather shows that the video is about Senator Felipe Kast in a car with a trans model. 

Who was the model in the video that went Viral on TWITTER?

The model’s name is Joa Cabanas and she recorded everything that happened between her and the senator. After the video leaked on Twitter and other platforms, many people started making memes and passing their judgement. 

However, the entire content of the video still needs to be revealed and the senator have no comments on it. 

About Felipe Kast 

Felipe Kast is an economist in Chile, researcher, politician, and consultant. He is a known face in the country with many supporters, and that’s why he got in the limelight of Reddit and other social platforms because of his video with a trans model. 

Therefore, let’s know about him in detail and check his personal information to know him better. 

Full Name-  Felip Jose Kast Sommerhoff
Date of Birth- June 9, 1977
Political Party- Evopoli
Occupation- Politician
Profession- Economist
University- Pontifical Catholic University of Chile 
Spouse- Emelia Puga
Children- Four

Is the leaked video available on social media platforms?

The video is available on Twitter and Reddit platforms, and many users are circulating it in their groups through different links. Apart from Twitter and Reddit, one more platform with the Felip Kast video link is Telegram

Social Media links 

Final Words 

Though the senator gives no comments, it is hard to say whether the allegations regarding the video are found to be true. However, many of his supporters have come forward and supported him related to the whole matter.

Have you watched the video yet? Please comment below. 

Felipe Kast Video– FAQs

Q.1 Who is Felip Kast?

 Felip Kast is an economist and politician in Chile.

Q.2 Who is the model with Felip?

Joe Cabanas was with Felip in the car.

Q.3 Is the video active on the internet?

The video is available on different social media platforms.

Q.4 Who came in support of Felip regarding the video?

Karla Rubilar came in support of Felip Kash’s video.

Q.5 Why is the video trending? 

The video is trending because the model is transgender. 

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