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Fedex Worker Fired After Viral Video: Check The Details Of Video Leaked On Reddit, Instagram, Youtube, And Twitter

This post on FedEx Worker Fired After Viral Video will provide you with necessary details about the whole incident and the aftermath of the video.

Recently a video is going viral on the internet where we can spot a FedEx driver making a racist statement about a Spanish-speaking customer.

What is the reason for her getting fired? Why did she make that statement? Did she apologise for her mistake? People in the United States are curious to know the whole controversy in detail. So, if you want to know the same, stick to this post till the end about the FedEx Worker Fired After Viral Video.


What happened in the viral video:

After the FedEx employee video surfaced on the net, people became curious about the video happening. So later on Tuesday, a video was recorded by a famous TikTok creator having 10 million followers named Karla De La Torre, famously known as ” Karleshion”. In that video, we can see a FedEx employee asking for help as the package was too heavy to carry. As per sources, still, after getting no response, she started making racist statements in the video Leaked On Reddit and told the Spanish speaker that she should return to her country as this is America.

You can further check the Reddit video link in this write-up under the particular link heading. There you can see the whole video that the creator records. As per sources, the video clearly shows the FedEx driver screaming at the customer, along with some harsh statements. The creator posted the video on Tuesday. After the video gets viral, people react from anger to shock. People ask for the apology video of the FedEx employee, after which she makes one with all her explanation and apology.

What is the aftermath of the FedEx Worker Fired After Viral Video?

Whenever a video gets viral, people get curious to know the matter in the video, just like this one of the FedEx employees. Do you know about the video’s aftermath? So, as a result of the viral video, the FedEx employee lost her job and was fired as soon as the video got all over. after she was fired from the job, she made a statement on her TikTok account that is named @annessa222. She made an apology video saying she is so sorry for her unladylike behaviour and the racist comment in viral Twitter video. Besides this, she said that people only know some parts of the video, but a lot is happening that is not shown in the viral clip.

Social media links:

Reddit video link


To sum up some final words, on Tuesday, a video was posted on the web where a FedEx employee can be seen making a racist statement towards a Spanish speaker. To learn more about the video, click on the link.

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FedEx Worker Viral Instagram VideoFAQs:

Q1. What is the name of the FedEx employee?

Her name is Annessa.

Q2. What is the name of the Spanish speaker in the video?

The Spanish speaker in the video is a famous content creator named Karla De La Torre.

Q3. Did she say sorry for the act?

Yes, she says sorry for her actions on her TikTok account.

Q4. What is the name of the FedEx driver TikTok account?

The name of her TikTok account is @annessa222.

Q5. What is the outcome of the video?

The development of the video resulted in the job loss of the FedEx employee.

Q6. What is the number of views gained by the FedEx Worker Fired After Viral Youtube Video?

The original video got around 3 million views, while the apology gained 1 million views.

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