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Federal Trade Commission v on Point Global {July 2022}

Check out this article to get all the details on Federal Trade Commission v on Point Global.

Have you received a postcard recently? Does that postcard say you’ll get your lost money back? You might think that the postcard is a scam asking you to visit the website, probably to lure you. But it is legitimate.

The Federal Trade Commission is an agency of the United States government to protect consumers and antitrust laws. Recently, Federal Trade Commission v on Point Global has been trending. Keep scrolling to know more.

What exactly happened?

In 2019, the Federal Trade Commission won the lawsuit against On Point Global, an umbrella network operating over 200 websites to lure people into providing personal information. 

The scamming entity, On Point Global, ran several websites with names like,, etc.; they promised to provide quick and easy government services such as checking the eligibility for public schemes or renewing a driver’s license. The refund of $102 million will be given to consumers harmed by these fake government websites that either asked them to pay or share personal information.

More on Federal Trade Commission v on Point Global

Recently, some people received postcards stating that the court records show that they have tried to get state licensing services online, a driver’s license, or tried registering their vehicle. Their website was not a government site and failed to deliver what it promised.

Hence, you can claim the money you lost and mention a website where you can file the claim. FTC won the lawsuit in early April this year and is now processing the refund of millions to the victim consumers. Do not throw the postcard away and claim your share of money from the FTC.

After the lawsuit by Federal Trade Commission v on Point Global, both the victims who paid money or submitted sensitive personal information are entitled to a refund. Earlier, when people paid to get the required information on the fake website received the PDF file with general information that was already publically available. At the same time, others who shared sensitive and detailed personal information started receiving a wave of marketing calls and unwanted sales.

How to claim your money?

The firm who manages the whole process of refund, usually send-in the emails and postcards to the concerned person. Emails from the ID ( are legitimate and in connection to the settlement. You could apply to get your claim till 31st August 2022.

After the Federal Trade Commission v on Point Global lawsuit, FTC expects people to apply for the claim. GO through the steps to do so:

  • Go to the official website (given in the conclusion) and click on ‘File for Claim.’
  • Fill all the details in the form of proof claim if you’re eligible.
  • Choose the payment method.
  • Click on ‘Submit.’

Final Verdict 

Overall, we can say that the Federal Trade Commission sued these fake websites and ultimately won the judgment. But if these fraudulent websites have victimized you, file your claim as soon as possible. The last date is 31st August 2022. File claim here

Are you still doubtful about the Federal Trade Commission v on Point Global refund process? Drop your questions in the comments section.

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