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What is Fauzie Laily Wife CheatWhat is his Age? Please read all the details related to his Divorce Scandal.

What are the details about Fauzie Laily Wife Cheat? Who is Fauzie Laily? Who is Fauzie’s wife? Why are they trending on social media? What does Fauzie Laily do? Netizens from Singapore are searching about Fauzie Laily and his married life details. Let us discuss the marital details of Fauzie and wife.

Details On Fauzie Laily Wife Cheat

 Fauzie is an artist from Singapore. He is famous for his acting, hosting, and signing as well. Fauzie is a known personality. However, recently, a few sources have claimed that he has been unfaithful in his marriage, and rumors regarding infidelity are trending. Fauzie married Nurul Huda in 2013.

The couple was high school sweethearts, but they got separated. They again met as grown-ups and married each other. Now, their marriage is turbulent, and there are various rumors surrounding them. Although Huda maintains her private life away from the public’s eyes, she is also under the suspicion of the public. 

Details On Fauzie Laily Wife Cheat

Details on Fauzie Laily Wife Scandal        

Fauzie Laily’s wife Nurul Huda is also in limelight. People are speculating that she is the one who had an affair with someone and cheated on Laily, but many people are saying that it was Fauzie Laily who had an affair and cheated on his wife as per sources. Netizens are talking about all sorts of things and spreading rumors related to the couple’s infidelity. 

Nothing is clear, and there has been no official statement to support these claims. Neither is there any evidence that Huda or Fauzie were disloyal in the relationship. The couple has also maintained silence on this case, and nobody’s statement has come out in public. 

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Further Details on Fauzie Laily Divorce

As per the rumors, the couple has filed for divorce, and the case is currently in court. But nobody has seen them going to court. There are a lot of rumors regarding the couple circulating on the internet, one after the other. However, nothing seems to be clear as of yet.

No credible source has yet reported any divorce or affair details. Thus, we searched for any clip, photo, or video of their alleged affair as evidence. However, we failed to find any proof regarding the claims of Nurul Huda’s infidelity. 

Further Details on Fauzie Laily Divorce

What is Fauzie Laily Age?

Fauzie is around 38 years old, and he is a Singaporean celebrity. As per our research, the rumors regarding their divorce spread on the internet first. Then, after some time, many articles started to claim that the reason behind their divorce was secret affair. 

A scandal surrounds the known couple, and suspect is raised at Nurul Huda (Fauzie Laily’s wife). However, we are transparent in our stance that there has been no evidence to support this news. Thus, we are calling it a rumor or misleading information. 


Today’s article on Fauzie Laily Wife Scandal has garnered a lot of attention on the internet. People are intrigued to know details related to this Singaporean actor and singer. Rumors say that Fauzie is getting divorced from his wife. The reason behind their divorce has been speculated as infidelity from Nurul Huda (Laily’s wife). However, there has been no concrete evidence to support these claims. If you wish to know more about Fauzie Laily, click here.

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