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Check hacts about Fatin Amirah Viral Video on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube:

The video of Fatin Amirah is trending in Malaysia. Did you know that Fatina is a common first and last name for women in Malaysia? Did you know that there are more than three recent videos related to Fatina featuring three different women? So, which one is the Fatin Amirah Viral Video?

About Fatin’s viral video

The Fatin Amirah video, which is trending in Malaysia, is related to a woman featured in an explicit video. Two other videos with the hashtag #fatinamirah were trending on TikTok. There were no posts associated with Fatin Amirah’s video on Reddit. But, the video was related to a famous pop singer in Malaysia. Another video is related to Fatin Amirah singing traditional and cultural songs. 

The explicit Fatin video was featured on the viral website on 14th September 2023. The video frames of the website suggested Fatin Amirah Telegram group – @webviraltrends, also hosted the videos. Four separate videos of Fatin were included on the website.  

Disclaimer: This article does not promote or support grownup content. The information was taken from various sources on the internet.

The first video was 00:01:07 minutes long and 7.73 MB in size for a standard definition Fatin Amirah Telegram video. The video showed Fatin wearing a maroon hijab and eyeglasses, lying on a blue bedsheet/bed. 

Fatin Twitter post:

Fatin did not cover her body with any other clothes. Fatin was shown grooming herself. There were no Youtube reviews of the videos. The video was taken with the help of a mobile camera placed at the foot of Fatin.

The second video showed Fatin wearing a black hijab, a black top, and without eyeglasses. However, the videos were not present on Instagram. It was 00:01:58 minutes long and 12.98 MB in size for an SD video. Fatin was lying on the bed, and this time, a man was instructing Fatin about what she needed to do.

Tiktok posts:

The Fatin’s explicit video was not present on TikTok. More than half of the second video showed their conversation and the face of Fatin. Later, she was asked to adjust her position on the blue beads and give a thumbs-up. Instagram did not have any related posts. The last part of the video showed Fatin grooming herself. 

The third video was 00:01:06 minutes long and 7.26 MB in size for an SD video. The video featured Fatin wearing a black top and without eyeglasses. Fatin Amirah Twitter post was also shared on @Rodrigo_acgL pages. In the video, a man was filming his physical relationship with Fatin. 

The fourth video was 00:01:16 minutes long and 8.36 MB in size. The video showed a man lying on the bed and filming the clip by holding the mobile camera in his right hand. A Fatin Amirah Twitter post was shared on @Clauddia67 status. Fatin was wearing a maroon hijab and eyeglasses while she was having a physical relationship.

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Social media links: Due to explicit content, the social media links are excluded. Youtube had redundant videos with the tag Fatin Amirah.


The Fatin Amirah viral footage is a sensational clip featuring a cute woman indulging in physical acts.  Fatin viral video was not present on Tiktok. The profession and personal background of Fatin have yet to be discovered. But, her facial appearance gives an impression of a calm and innocent lady. People were supersized to see such a lady indulging in physical acts.

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