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[Watch Video] Fatin Amira Husband Instagram: Check Information On Khairul Fadly

The Fatin Amira Husband Instagram details on Fatin Amira Husband Khairul Fadly viral video trending on internet. Follow our article to know more.      

Are you aware of the alleged video of Nurul Amini’s husband video? Do you know why is the video trending on online platforms? If not, then you have just visited the bright article to know about the information you have been searching for. The alleged video of Nurul Amini’s husband has been a buzz on online platforms. The video has become viral in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. 

In this article, we will detail on Fatin Amira Husband Instagram. Read the article below.

The Fatin Amira Husband Instagram:

The Fatin Amira Husband Instagram

The Singaporean actress starring Nurul Amini has been trending on internet after the alleged video of her husband has been surfacing on online platforms. The video has generated widespread debated among the social media audience. The video was released on Saturday morning. It was known that the video content reveals her husband has been cheating on her with some other actress as per sources. 

The video was released online with the caption “Nurul Aini husband Sofian Roslan Checks in the hotel with Fatin Amira.” The video Fatin Amira Husband Khairul Fadly has been a buzz on online platforms, ever since it was released online. The video reveals Nurul Amini’s husband checking inside the hotel with actress Fatima Amira. The video did give rise to a lot of questions. Following the video, fans do want to learn whether Nurul Amini’s husband is having an affair with actress Fatin Amira. The Nurul Amini’s husband video has become viral on online platforms.

The Fatin Amira Husband Khairul Fadly:

The Fatin Amira Husband Khairul Fadly

Nurul Amini, the Suria actress has been the talk of the town after her husband was spotted with another Suria actress in the alleged video. Her husband’s name is Sofian Roslan. The viral video of Sofian Roslan has generated widespread attention on online platforms. The viral video reveals Sofian Roslan and a woman who is believed to be actress Fatin Amira came out of the same Mercedes-Benz car separately. The Fatin Amira Husband Instagram video was first released on TikTok platform. Thereafter it went trending on other social platforms. Until now the video has gained 300,000 views. The alleged video did generate a lot of reactions and comments from online audience.   

The video further shows the two were spotted entering Capri By Fraser China Square hotel. The video ended with the two returning towards the car and were spotted cuddling each other. The alleged video did spark major controversies among the social media audience. The question arises on whether Nurul’s husband is having an affair with Fatin Amira. The alleged Fatin Amira Husband Instagram video trends on online platforms.

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Who is Fatin Amira?

Fatin Amira, is a Suria actress, model and a real estate business woman and founder of Mannequin Brand. Besides she is also the social media personality. She was born in Denpasar, Bali, Singapore. She graduated from Secondary school. Her husband’s name is Khiyarul Fadli. Her age is estimated to be between 28-30 years. Her net worth is estimated to be $1 million. In recent times, she has been trending on online platforms after she was spotted with Nurul’s husband in the viral Fatin Amira Husband Instagram video. She is believed to have affairs with Sofian Roslan following the viral video. The news about Fatima Amira video trends on online platforms.

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The Fatin Amira Husband Instagram has become viral on internet. To know more details about Fatin Amira and Sofian Roslan video, click on this link.

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