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This content concerns the Faruk Koca Punch Video Viral Twitter, which is making headlines in major media outlets and related details. 

Have you learned about the latest trending controversial video of Faruk Koca? Why is the video a trending topic on the internet nowadays? Do you know the case details? If not, we would like to clarify the matter to the best of our capacity as per the online information. This video is mainly discussed in the United States and The United Kingdom

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What is the Faruk Koca Punch Video Viral Twitter?

What is the Faruk Koca Punch Video Viral Twitter

The internet community was shocked after the punching video about the football club chief went viral. In the footage, the Turkish Football Club president Ankaragucu punched the referee during the league matches. The whole ordeal got recorded in the camera and went viral immediately. 

People are sharing and discussing this incident on internet sources and judging the behavior of Faruk Koca, referring to it as an unfair practice. 

What is the whole field scenario in the viral Reddit video?

On Monday night, during the Super League game, Ankaragucu’s game against Rizespor, organized at Eryaman Stadium, became controversial among the folks. The match was declared tied after the final whistle with the score of 1-1. 

What is the whole field scenario in the viral Reddit video

Furious, Faruk confronted the referee, Halil Umut Meler, and punched him in a rage. The referee fell after the punch and was kicked by another person; all the while, the referee tried to defend himself by covering his face. The video is predominantly available on YouTube sources. 

What happened after the Faruk Koca Punch Controversy? 

After the incident, it started making rounds on social media platforms, evoking various reactions from the public. Reportedly, Koca is hospitalized due to his heart condition but will be arrested after proper treatment, and the other two involved persons are detained. Meler is also in hospital for a minor fracture near his eyes, but nothing too serious. 

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What is the Federation Chief’s statement on the matter? 

As per reports, after the Tiktok video release, the federation chief Mehmet Buyukeksi expressed his disappointment with the game’s professionalism. He regarded the act as shameful and unfortunate; apart from that, Mehmet also blames the culture of contempt towards referees in Turkey. 

At last, he assured that all the unfair deeds, including violence, would be the subject of punishment by the federation. 

What is the public reaction to the Telegram viral video? 

What is the public reaction to the Telegram viral video

Most of all, fans and critics demand to punish him with appropriate fines, heavily criticizing his behavior as a host Team President. 

Faruk Koca: Wikipedia 

  • Name: Faruk Koca 
  • Profession: Sports Manager, Businessman, Politician 
  • Age: 59
  • Birth Date: 15th April 1964
  • Nationality: Turkish 
  • Relationship status: Married 
  • Children: 4
  • Religion: Islam 

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Final Summary 

The concerned authorities are still scrutinizing the matter regarding the Instagram viral clip. Moving forward, we will provide all further proceedings on the matter. 

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