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Farel Prayoga Cause of Death: What Happened to Him? Check Twitter Rip Trending Update! Find Age From Wikipedia!

The article depicts the facts of Farel Prayoga Cause of Death and proves this news is fake. Read the article to know more.  

Do you know Farel Prayoga? Do you know his death news? Farel is one of the famous kid singers. But his death news has been circulating on social media platforms for the last few days in the Philippines

Many of these fans also know about Farel Prayoga Cause of Death? They also try to find out his obituary as well. But we need to find out the truth.

Disclaimer: We have taken all the information from trusted websites and news portals. We use this information only for news purposes.

What is the real news? 


What is the real news 

(Check the link social media section) 

Many of his fans are trying to know about the cause of death of Farel. But we find that the death news is not accurate. It is a hoax that was circulated on social media. So, it is impossible to find his death news.

Wikipedia of Farel

Farol is a very famous singer. He is twelve years of age. His famous song is “Oje Dibandingke”. On 27 October 2022, his death news was circulated all over social media platforms. People were searching his obituary, funeral news and where he was buried.

But on 13 November 2022, people saw him on the National Television Channel program. We find the update that Farol is still alive, and the death news is false.

Social Media Links of Farel 

While the death news of Farol was circulated on social media, many people felt very bad for this divine singer. Many of these fans post the “Rest in Peace” post on various social media links. Many of his followers delivered condolences to Rip on the Farel’s social media links. 

Later we also check Farol’s social media links.

His parents’ names are- Joko Suyota and Siti Nurjayana. And Farel is just a kid, so there is no question about his marriage, wife, kids and girlfriend.

Life List of Farel

  • Name/ Real Name- Farel Prayoga
  • Nice Name- Farel
  • Profession- Singer
  • Date of Birth- 8 August  
  • Zodiac Sign- Leo
  • Age- 12 years
  • Birthplace- Banyuwangi Regency
  • Nationality- Indonesian
  • Marital Status- Single
  • Wife Name- Not married
  • Partner Name- No

What Happened to Farol? 

On 27 October 2022, the news was published on social media that famous singer Farol Prayoga had died, and his body was buried. When his fans heard the news, they became very distressed. Many people feel sorry for this wonder kid singer.

But many also found no formal death announcement was made by the official authority or the Farel family. On 13 November 2022, fans saw him on a show on the famous television channel program. 

It proves the news was fake. Even the twelve years of Age singer is still alive and perfect. After this news, many criticised those who circulated the fake news of Farol’s death.

Many people tried to find out where the fake news was circulated. 

They have checked all the social media platforms and the fans found on the social media account of Twitter the fake was circulated.

Other Information

Farel is an Islam believer. We don’t any information of his ethnicity. He is studying in class six at school in Bayuwangi.


As per the report, we can say the death news of Farel is fake and has no base. Meanwhile, you can also check Ferel’s song by clicking this link

Farel Prayoga Cause of Death- FAQ

Q.1 What is the age of Feral? 

12 years.

Q.2 What is his famous song?

Oje Dibandingke

Q.3 Where his fake death news was circulated? 

Social media.

Q.4  What is his nationality?


Q.5 Is he active on social media? 


Q.6 Is he studying? 

He is in standard six.

Q.7 Is he still alive? 


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