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Fantom Coin Yorum {Nov 2021} Price, How & Why To Buy?

The article is accumulating and gathering information about Fantom Coin Yorum. It will inform you about the unique features of FTM and other facilities.

Cryptocurrency has changed day by day. Each day new kinds of digital currency are evolving. So, many people are taking an interest in investing in digital currency. 

In the current situation, cryptocurrency has tremendous demand. As a result, experts and finance-related people are constantly keeping track of various kinds of cryptocurrency. On this basis, we can talk about a new digital currency already known in this sector. 

The coin is very famous in a country like Turkey. The name of the coin is Fantom Coin Yorum

What is Fantom Coin? 

Many people call it “FTM” crypto. The coin is associated with the “Directed Acyclic Diagram” or “DAG” platform. 

It has its algorithm and unique features. Fantom Crypto has been able to solve the “Smart Contract Platform’s” issue quickly. Indeed, the coin is not very old in the crypto family. But within a few months, it rose in popularity among the buyers and investors. 

Many people are buying this coin in the present day. Even as per the market ratio, the coin has a reasonable pricing rate and is gaining daily. 

Founder(s) Detail of Fantom Coin Yorum

Ahn Byung IK introduced the FTM coin. The present CEO of this system is David Richardson, and the initiators of this coin are experts in “Blockchain.” The main features of the coin are- provide security, decentralized character, and scalability. 

The coin was incepted in 2018. From its introduction, it is gaining much attention. 

Statistic of the FTM

Present Price: 26.11 Turkish Lira

  • Cap of the Market Sector: 52.87
  • Present Volume: 66,508,872,475 Turkish Lira
  • Rank of the Coin: 35
  • 24 h high/24 h low: 26.72 / 24.54

Price Change in 24 hours: 1.17 %

Diluted market cap: 82,887,183,642 Turkish Lira

  • Fantom Coin Yorum Dominance: 0.24 % 
  • All-time high: 34.77Turkish Lira
  • All-time low: 0.01933 Turkish Lira
  • ROI: 17996.75%
  • 30 days high /30 day low: $0.000000000002/$0.000000000008
  • Circulating supply: NA
  • Total Supply: 2,545,006,273


  • Maximum supply: 3,175,000,000 FTM
  • Trading volume: 7,355,464,424.33

Note: Data mentioned above may vary with sites.

Why Should You Buy FTM? 

  1. FTM is associated with Defi, and found on “Smart Contracts.”
  2. It has secure protocols.
  3. It has a higher capacity in the market.
  4. It uses “Proof-of-stake” or (PoS).

How Do You Buy Fantom Coin Yorum

You can buy this coin by various protocols and norms. As per the expert, buying this coin is not so tough. So, anyone can buy this coin. The current market rate is also reasonable, so many people are investing in FTM. 

  1. FTM is accessible and available in the market. One can buy this FTM from Binance, OKEx and Gate.io.
  2. You can buy the FTM from BEP2 and ERC-20. 
  3. You can also buy this coin from various exchange platforms so that you can buy the coin easily. 

Why is this trending?

Fantom Coin Yorum is trending due to many reasons. First of all, a total of 3.174 billion tokens are circulating in the market. Experts also say that within 2023 the FTM will reach its prominent position. So, people are taking much interest in FTM. 


  1. Is FTM System Secure? 
  1. It is associated with many exchange platforms. So it is the safe token.
  1. Is Buying FTM Worthy? 
  1. FTM is always avoiding minimum cost factors. So, buying FTM is worth it. 

Final Verdict

FTM has various kinds of positive features. For example, so many investors are now trading and buying Fantom Coin YorumBut as experts say, as a buyer, you need to check the market statistics each day.

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