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Fantasy Tales NFT (Sep) Price, Prediction & How To Buy?

This article guides you through the market analysis of the Fantasy Tales NFT & makes your decision easier on the investment of this token. Start reading!

Do you want to know more about the NFTs? Are you looking for trustable NFTs that can give you better returns and profit in the future? Well, nowadays, NFTs are everywhere as every game start promoting cryptocurrency Worldwide

In this article, we will discuss the Fantasy Tales NFT and the market condition of this crypto coin. Also, we will tell you whether this coin is trustable and good for investment or not. So, let’s find out. 

About Fantasy Tales?

Fantasy Tales is an NFT game in which you can earn cryptocurrency by completing the missions and fight with the evil monsters with the help of your pets. You can also upgrade your pets and make them more powerful to battle the bosses and monsters. 

Whenever you defeat any boss or monster, you will be rewarded by the FTS coins, i.e., Fantasy Tales NFT. With the help of the DApp browser, players from Worldwide can play this game easily. 

What is the tokenomics of FTS?

  • Total supply- 1,000,000,000 FTS 
  • Developer- 5% (locked for 1 year) 
  • Liquidity pool- 18%
  • Public Sale- 27%
  • Private sale- 5%
  • Play to earn feature- 42% 

Who is the founder of Fantasy tales?

We couldn’t find any information regarding the founder of the Fantasy Tale or related to the cryptocurrency developer. However, we will update the article as soon as we get some information about the founder or any member of the team responsible for the operation of FTS. 

Fantasy Tales NFT price chart 

There isn’t much information present on the internet regarding the market condition of the Fantasy Tales coin. However, our research team can gather some of the information related to it like:

  • Price- $0.00215226
  • Market capital- $2,134,777
  • Holders- 3,326 addresses 
  • Transfers- 31,640 
  • Contract address- 0x23662f3f9f35daab7a8d10654b5a4c1f3e57fc7a

Should people invest in the FTS?

According to the recent search and market condition, the investor should hold off their decision for a while and gather all the information about the Fantasy tales crypto coin first. Currently, there is only limited information about Fantasy Tales NFT, which makes the investor confused. 

How to get Fantasy Tales token?

If you are interested in buying and putting your money in the Fantasy Tales token, then the first thing you can do is play the Fantasy Tales game and complete their missions. You can get the FTS in your wallet by defeating the boss and monsters in the game. 

However, the other way to swap or exchange the coin is with the help of an exchange website like Binance, PanCakeSwap, and many more. You need to log in with any exchange website, select Fantasy Tales NFT, link your digital wallet, and enter the amount. 

After that, you need to verify all the information regarding the exchange process and at the end, click on the swap option to get the tokens in your wallet. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question1: What is the total supply of FTS?

A: The total supply of FTS is 1 billion tokens. You can check the official site for the tokenomics of FTS 

Question2: What are the websites which are active for the exchange of Fantasy Tales Token?

A: The website responsible for exchanging Fantasy tales token is PanCakeSwap, Binance, and many more. 

Wrapping it up

After gathering all the information about the Fantasy Tales NFT, we can conclude that the investor should wait and gather it. As only limited information is available, it is not a good idea to invest in this token. Well, readers are requested to check here for the next big cryptocurrency, 2021 before start investing. 

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