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Fancy Frenchies NFT (Dec 2021) Get The Latest Updates!

Please read this article to learn about Fancy Frenchies NFT, a newly introduced crypto initiative associated with the noble act of saving dogs worldwide.

Do you like to collect information about different dog breeds? Do you have a cute pet dog at your home? Would not it be remarkable to combine the French bulldog breed with cryptocurrency? Well, that is precisely what the founders of a new NFT project have done. 

In this report, we have mentioned the details about a recent crypto project called Fancy Frenchies NFT. Investors in many countries like Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom want to know more about this fresh venture. 

What is Fancy Frenchies?

Fancy Frenchies is a new crypto project based on the Solana network, one of the leading and fast-growing blockchains. The initiative comprises ten thousand digital Frenchies, or French bulldogs that can be traded as NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens. This crypto project has not been launched yet and is currently preparing for the airdrops. The team aims at selling 80% of their collection, after which the team shall proceed with their next developmental phase. 

Founder of Fancy Frenchies NFT

We could not find any information regarding the creators of this venture. The developers have not revealed any names and have used the brand name in their social media profiles.

Initial Cost of Fancy Frenchies 

The team has set the starting price of one Fancy Frenchie as 2 Sol. Sol is the cryptocurrency on the Solana network. The price of one NFT today equals $317, as the present price of 1 Sol is $158.38. 

The Good Cause

The owners of this project shall donate a part of the profit gained to a charitable organization that works for the welfare of dogs. They will contribute 7% of the funds collected from Fancy Frenchies NFT every week to this charity. They have requested the investors to utilize this crypto project for participating in the noble cause of saving dogs worldwide. 

The noble act shall be covered live on their social profile of Discord, enabling the community of Fancy Frenchies to witness this benevolent purpose. 

How will Fancy Frenchies Work?

This project is presently under its developmental phase, and according to the official portal, they shall officially launch the project in 17 hours from the time of writing this composition. The owners shall release the airdrops along with the launch of Fancy Frenchies NFT

When 50% of the collection is sold out, the developers shall introduce breeding of the virtual baby Frenchies. The holder requires only one NFT to breed a new Frenchie. 

On the accomplishment of 70% collection sale, there will be a merchandise drop arrangement. Only Fancy Frenchies will be able to avail of this offer where they shall receive clothing items like hoodies, shirts, hats, etc., with the subject brand name. The team shall also offer dog products. 

Twitter Handle

The team of Fancy Frenchies is quite active on their social media profile on Twitter. There are regular posts on the page informing the Fancy Frenchies NFT followers about the latest updates, launch timings, and roadmap of this NFT project. Recently, there was some technical error on their portal related to the commencement of the airdrops, and the team has proactively informed its followers regarding all the whereabouts. 


Attached to a noble cause of protecting dogs, this NFT project may prove to succeed in the near future. You can follow Fancy Frenchies’ Twitter page  to get the current information about the project.

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