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Fan Token Corinthians (Aug) What’s The News All About?

Corinthians planning to Launch $SCCP; read the complete details on Fan Token Corinthians guide below.

Do you want to know why Fan Token and a popular S. C Corinthians are in the news recently? What are the latest updated details floating over the internet? If you are equally curious to know what’s the matter, we must say you have reached the right place that gives you a bunch of information.

So, without further delay, let us get started with Fan Token Corinthians, which is trending in Brazil; stay tuned with us until the end. 

What is the Latest News?

The S.C. Corinthians team is in partnership with the top worldwide blockchain provider, Chiliz, recently announced that they would release Fan Token on the fan engagement platform Socios.com, providing a huge fanbase the ability to engage and influence with the club.

It also provides holders the accessibility to voting polls, VIP rewards, games, promotions, chat forums, AR-enabled features, and competitions on the mobile platform. 

Corinthians – is among the top successful club in Brazil; it has won 7 times national awards, Brasil trophies three times, and the São Paulo state championships multiple times. In addition, fan Tokens have created over $150M revenues to be shared with Socios.com.

What Corinthians President Said About Fan Token Corinthians News?

Duilio Monteiro stated – “We are proud to welcome Socios.com and Chiliz partnership that brings true platform and innovation to our fans. As a result, in a most exacting way, 35 million Brazilian fans can interact with Corinthians.

A Few Words from CEO of Chiliz and Socios.com, Alexandre Dreyfus

“S.C Corinthians is the most supported firm, with huge fanbase worldwide that generate a closer connection with the team. This is truly a new milestone and the beginning of something new.” These are few words of Chiliz CEO about Fan Token Corinthians, which talks of the town in Brazil.

What is S.C Corinthians?

It is a Tatuape district Sao Paulo situated Brazilian sports club founded by five railway workers in 1910. It has become the most popular club that won the FIFA Club World Championship in 2000 and 2012. Corinthians is popularly known for its professional football team association.

A Few Lines about the Chiliz

Chiliz is one of the world’s biggest and top blockchain fintech for the entertainment and sports world. It launched the platform called Socios.com, a sports fan engagement source created based on the Chiliz blockchain infrastructure, and used $CHZ as its on-platform currency exclusively.

While collecting details of Fan Token Corinthians, we found; Chiliz is a great currency option for blockchain products and services. They want to increase day-to-day experiences like fan entertainment, payment solutions, and more.

About Fan Token

Fan tokens are a kind of cryptocurrencies that allows holders to access a wide range of fan-related events like club decision voting, merchandise designs, rewards, and unique experiences. They can also be used by music clubs, sports clubs, and other organizations’ experiences, leadership establishes, and more. 

It can be used as a part of sports and fan clubs, that differ from rest cryptos like Ethereum, as they don’t solve financial problems. 

Fan Token Corinthians: FAQs

  1. Is it safe Buy Fan Tokens?
  2. Purchasing any crypto is a high-risk task investment. However, nothing can be predicted due to its drastic price swings, so it is up to you.
  3. Where can I trade CHZ?
  4. It can be traded on major exchanges like Binance, Huobi Global, Paribu, and Mercado Bitcoin


Before we draw curtains off, we would like to say that The SC Corinthians Paulista partnering with Socios.com and Chiliz to launch Fan Token $SCCP is great news for many passionate crypto lovers. You may visit here for more information on this association

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