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Family Write For Us – Follow Below Mentioned Guidelines!

This post will tell you the proper format to write the Family Write for Us. Kindly stay tuned with us to learn.

Are you a regular contributor to online platforms? Do you write content for our website? Now, Rationalinsurgent also offers you an opportunity to write about family. If any contributor was waiting for any new opportunity, then they should start working on Family Write for Us. However, the audience should also read the rules. It will assist you with the proper format of the guest article. So, kindly about our rules here.

About Rationalinsurgent

It is an online learning page where readers can search for various useful topics. We mainly provide information on sports, politics, entertainment, industry, environment, investment, education, home decor, manufacturing, fashion, lifestyle, product reviews, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, marketing, laws, website reviews, business, news, pets, economy, metaverse, games, international updates, motorcycle, etc. There are infinite topics on which our contributors work. The audience also gets opportunities to work with our team only if they write content for our page. 

Productive Rules for Write for Us + Family!

The contributors should focus on the guidelines. It will help you to work on the format of the guest post. Kindly go through the rules below.

  • The senders should use Grammarly tools to identify spelling or grammatical errors. A 98 to 100 percent score should be calculated. 
  • The content must have attached an external link. It cannot be placed randomly but it should be added after 70 percent of the content.
  • Your guest article should not show any copied content. It should contain 0 percent copied content. The Copyscape tool will help you to detect copied sentences in the Write for Us Family.
  • The external link should be in green texture. Kindly highlight internal links and keywords in blue textures.
  • The guest article should have a 90 percent or more readability score.
  • The length of the description should not exceed 160 characters. It should have a minimum of 96 characters. 
  • The contributors can also attach some graphics to the post so that it will look more impressive. 
  • The contributors should take care of the length of the introduction plus the conclusion. It should not exceed 160 words.
  • The content should not be too lengthy or too short. It should be a 500 to 1000 words guest post.
  • The “Write for Us” + Family should have important, factual, and worthwhile information. It must provide 100 percent value to the readers.
  • The crux of the main keyword must be fulfilled at the start.
  • A spam rate of up to 3 percent is tolerable. Kindly take care of this limit while adding any external links. 
  • Kindly avoid making use of inappropriate linguistics. We will not tolerate or accept such content.

Topics for this guest post

  • What is a Family?
  • Types of Families
  • Importance of Joint Family
  • Joint Family versus Nuclear Family
  • What do you mean by Nuclear Family

These topics will give you some ideas on the niches related to Family. 

Who can write Family + “Write for Us”?

You must learn the correct format for writing an article. Anyone who is familiar with the format and can do in-depth research on the topic given by us can write a guest post. Even if anyone pursuing any different profession can also write a guest post. 

Contact Details

The audience can submit their guest post at team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com. We will respond to the audience within 24 hours.


We have provided all useful ways to write a guest post on Family. Our team is eager to review the Family Write for Us and connect with you. 

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