Latest News Scam Scam: Is This Site Legit? Check Details On Fraud And Genuine Links

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about the Scam to know its plot and methods to identify it.

Did you know that thousands of Facebook users receive multiple emails daily in France, the United States, and the United Kingdom? The emails are for user account security and verification. The email of the sender corresponds to So, is the email genuine? Let’s check the facts about the Scam.

About fraud:

The emails from are a scam. The official email address of Facebook customer service sending authentic emails is The domain is unauthentic. It is created to lure users to provide their personal information, including DoB, email address, contact number, physical address, Etc.

Many users received email from and Though the email address includes the term @facebookmail, the genuine Facebook customer service team has advised users to ignore emails received from Metamail and Facebookmail.

Content of Facebook message to determine Is Legitimate:

The message stated that the user’s account has many number of followers. The hackers are motivated to attack FB user accounts with more followers, accounts that run important FB pages, and accounts associated with FB community pages.

The message stated that Facebook has voluntarily turned on protection for user accounts. The Facebook team will review the user account for vulnerabilities. Hence, it requested users to turn on Facebook Protect features. The email provided a link to an unauthentic third-party website.

There were 451 posts on Reddit discussing about authenticity of Legit Reddit messages form

A second email category stated that a user logged in to the Facebook account using a mobile phone. The user is receiving this email to verify if it was the genuine user who logged in. The email included the link to report a user. 

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The behavior of Facebook users:

  • Firstly, the format and the sentences in the email are similar to genuine emails sent by,
  • Secondly, the sender’s email includes the term – security and
  • Thirdly, the message created an urgency for user action, stating that someone had logged in to the user’s Facebook account using a mobile phone. The Scam message included random names of mobile devices such as Samsung S21, Etc.

Such a perfectly drafted email from gave the impression that the message is genuine, that it is from the Facebook customer service team, and that Facebook is trying to guard their account. Amid this situation, the user clicks the link mentioned in the email and ends up providing his personal information.

User feedback:

A few posts on Quora advised bloggers that messages received from are genuine! The situation worsens as user accounts are connected with FacebookPay, currently known as Meta Pay. In such cases, the user’s payment information is at risk.

Verifying the Scam:

The user must access their FB account and click on settings, where they find an option to reset their password. The reset password page has a link to view all the messages sent by the genuine Facebook team. If the user does not find the message on their FB reset password pages, then the email received in their mailbox is a scam.

Additionally, if a user hovers their mouse over the links mentioned in the email, it should pop-up linked address as Any other linking text is a scam.

Social media links:

Conclusion: Scam is true. It is unknown if the emails from are sent to random email addresses (or) to specific Facebook users. It is unknown how scammers got users’ email addresses. The Facebook team has advised not to click on any links in emails from (or) You can report such fraudulent emails to the Facebook team,, at, or by texting 7726.

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