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Fabian Marta Arrested: Read More About His Sugar Ball Crime Case

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Fabian Marta Arrested. to know about the charges against him.

ST V Fabian Marta’s arrest sparked controversies as he was charged with a crime he opposed. Did you know that in the United States, Fabian’s business was speculated to oppose the political party in power? If allegations are proven, Fabian will face 10-years imprisonment. But why was Fabian Marta Arrested?

Why was Fabian arrested?

Fabian is one of the early financiers of the latest film – Sounds of Freedom. The film was released on 4th/July/2023. The film gained immense popularity as it made huge collections at the box office and left popular films like – Mission Impossible behind.

A few days back, Fabian tweeted that he was happy to see his name credited at the film’s end for financing it. Sounds of Freedom gained 4.9/5 stars on Google reviews and 7.9/10 on IMDb. The plot of the film revolves around child trafficking and how the police and government are unable to stop it.

Timeline of Fabian Marta Arrest and charges:

You may have an idea that Fabian had financed a noble cause of making people of the USA aware of child trafficking in the country. But, Fabian was arrested on 21st/July/2023 by St. Louis Metropolitan police for Acry child kidnapping!

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Allegations on social media and the internet:

Fabian was assigned Offence Cycle Number (OCN): CK050893. However, the details of the kidnapped child were not published. Several netizens pointed out that Fabian used to groom girls of all ages for sugar baby and sugar daddy parties; and films were made to cover up the crimes of people like Fabian Marta Sugar Ball

Fabian is also a co-producer of several films. Netizens claimed that many members of his production crew were involved in child assault. However, Fabian did not update any related posts on his social media accounts.

Social media links:


Twitter and Facebook posts criticizing Fabian and the film – Sound of Freedom are trending with 2,900+ re-tweets, 359 comments, 5,950+ likes, and 566+ viewers bookmarking the posts. The interview of Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel was included on Twitter pages, which increased its importance. Jim stated that the film misguides the people of the USA by depicting their children in danger.

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Fabian Marta Arrested – FAQ

1Q. What was the location of child abduction?

Fabian was arrested for assaulting and kidnapping a child from Missouri.

2Q. What is the case number for allegations against Fabian?


3Q. Where can we find more details about the case?

On Missouri’s government website.

4Q. Why is Fabian’s arrest taking a political troll and criticized as misguiding people?

The film, financed by Fabian, showed the horrific incident of the beauty queen selling two kids to a poor father, the police were unable to recover even a single child from trafficking, and the struggle of the poor father to get back his kids. It questioned Fabian Marta Arrested as a political revenge!

5Q. What was the complaint filed against Fabian?

The police department received a complaint from parents of a minor kid under the age of 14-years. Fabian was charged for removing a non-family member who was below 14-years old without his parent’s consent, without informing them, and and confining them. According to RSMo Section 565.115 in Missouri, such acts of confiding a child, unless a necessary to preserve child from danger is a class-A felony.

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