Ezbuy Otp Scam Online Website Reviews

Ezbuy Otp Scam: What Is The Portal’s Contact In Singapore & Reviews?

This write-up is shared to alert users about the Ezbuy Otp Scam in Singapore and let them know What Is it and how to Contact for support.

Did you receive an OTP message from Exbuy? Many individuals in Singapore recently got an OTP message from Ezbuy. Many people were amazed, while a few others believed in it and started communicating.

The activity seemed suspicious to many users, so they looked for support and enquired about it. So, let us track if the prevalent activity proved worth it or if it is an Ezbuy Otp Scam.

Ezbuy Otp Scam:

A recent Ezbuy scam alerted many individuals who received an OPT message from the company. Many believed it a scam since they did not have an account with Ezbuy, nor did they ever communicate or deal with the company.

Many users deleted the message and did not respond to it. Some individuals shared their numbers or other details through the message received. The OPT message received by many Singaporeans proved a scam since the company’s officials made a public statement and disapproved of sending any such messages to its users or the general public.

What Is Ezbuy?

Among the leading online platforms, Ezbuy is a Singapore-based network. It provides its customers with a hassle-free shopping experience of purchasing thousands and millions of items online.

It also claims to offer the best prices for the products and no hidden delivery charges. Its products are displayed on its website and the mobile application, where users can get the information in their preferred language.

This hassle-free online platform was recently discussed when people received an Ezbuy Otp Scam message, and the public largely enquired about it.

Ezbuy Contact details:

The contact details of Ezbuy and its customer support team are as follows:

  • Website- https://ezbuy.sg/
  • E-mail ID- service@ezbuy.com
  • Address- #05- 02, 51, Tai Seng Avenue, Pixel Red, (Lobby C), 533941-Singapore
  • Contact number- +656 567 8880

Did Ezbuy Singapore officially announce the prevalent scam?

The officials and team at Ezbuy had recently made an official statement claiming that they were unaware of the OTP message sent to many users. They shared a contact number, +65 8763 5723, which had no association with the company.

The statement mentioned that the contact number claims to be from the Ezbuy team but is not a part of the company. Ezbuy Contactthrough their Facebook profile, also alerted the public not to reveal their details to the fake number and not to transfer funds or reveal anything.

What does the scam message read?

The scam OTP message claiming to be from Ezbuy reads that the customer’s package was examined and inspected by the airport authorities, and they insisted on GST approval. The message claims to cost the receiver 200 dollars to get their package.

The message shared by Ezbuy Singapore further read that the receiver will receive a complete refund after their package arrives. This message created chaos among receivers and the ones who identified it as a scam kept checking their financial accounts to observe if any fraudulent money transactions were made.

Did Ezbuy’s customers receive the scam message?

Non-users of Ezbuy also received the message, and the people who don’t know the company also received it. Therefore, they enquired about What Is Ezbuy to check if it was a scam activity.

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Ezbuy company’s name was recently used for a scam activity where many individuals received an OTP message to pay 200 USD to receive their package. However, the company officially announced the Ezbuy Otp Scam alert to help people maintain vigilance for fraudulent activity.

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Did you receive an OTP message from Ezbuy? Share if you reached the company for assistance or fell into the scammer’s trap. 

Disclaimer: We unmask scams and fraudulent activities through our writing to help the general populace become aware of them and prevent themselves from such activities.

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