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{Updated} Eye On Palestine Telegram: Check Details On Meta, Deleted, Removed, Banned Facebook, Instagram

This post on Eye on Palestine Telegram will explain the Deleted, Meta Eye on Palestine, Removed, Banned, Facebook, and Instagram

Do you know about the Eye on Palestine account? The internet was going crazy when Instagram deleted a social media account named Eye on Palestine. People from Canada, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and the United States are protesting against Instagram now. This post on Eye on Palestine Telegram will explain all the crucial details about the Eye on Palestine account. Hence, we suggest everyone to stay tuned. 

What are the latest updates about the Eye on Palestine Telegram?

Eye on Palestine was a social media account on Instagram. The account posted supporting Palestine in the Israel-Palestine war. However, Meta has made a shocking decision to delete the social media handle because of security reasons. Eye on Palestine Deleted is trending on social media. Meta has said that Eye on Palestine is locked because it was suspected of compromising the security measures. Meta Eye on Palestine had more than 6 million followers on Instagram. 

Since, Meta decided to delete the account, people are continuously protesting against Instagram. During our research about Eye on Palestine Removed, we found that this is not the first time Eye on Palestine has been banned on the internet. The account was also taken down the previous year for not following the community guidelines. Besides this, Instagram also titled some Pro-Palestinian terrorists before Eye on Palestine Banned. However, they later apologized for their words and said that it happened because of a bug. 

Why did Instagram delete Eye on Palestine?

Eye on Palestine Instagram shared posts supporting the Palestinian community in the Israel-Palestine war. They also posted pictures and videos of Gaza on their account. However, in some shocking turn of events Eye on Palestine Instagram account. Instagram has said that the account was taken down due to some security reasons. The exact problems caused by the Meta Eye on Palestine account are not revealed by Instagram yet. 

During our research, we found that many people have accused Instagram of throwing shade at all the Instagram posts supporting Palestine. Concerning Eye on Palestine Deleted, Instagram has said that the problems are arising due to some technical glitch and they are trying to fix it as soon as possible. Many people are searching for Eye on Palestine Telegram on the internet. The social media platforms are now filled with posts criticizing Instagram for Eye on Palestine Removed.

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What is the citizen’s reaction to the suspension of Eye on Palestine? 

Many people on the social media platforms are discussing the suspension of the Eye on Palestine account. People are saying that Instagram is targeting the Palestinian community with Eye on Palestine Banned. There are several bad comments on social media platforms where people are protesting against Instagram. Many people have underlined the fact that social media platforms Facebook and Instagram always delete posts such as Eye on Palestine Facebook

As per sources, some people have said that social media platforms are suppressing the Palestinian community like Eye on Palestine Facebook. Many controversies are arising on the internet and social media platforms. 

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To conclude this post on Eye on Palestine Telegram, the Eye on Palestine account is now deleted from Instagram. Please visit this link to learn more about Eye on Palestine.

What are your thoughts on the Eye on Palestine account? Tell us in the comment section. 

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