Working With External Service Providers

Working With External Service Providers: Pros & Cons

Regardless of the type of business, every team eventually faces a situation when it becomes a necessity to hire a third party to reduce workload. Whenever companies hire employees, the leaders have more scope to think about the growth of the organization. 

However, the leaders have to be specific when hiring internally, or else expenses could skyrocket. Therefore, they look for a perfect agency solution. This post provides you with an outlook on solutions for agencies including their pros and cons.

Who are external service providers?

Typically, external service providers are the ones that offer outsourcing services to companies. Outsourcing involves hiring an outside service provider, virtual assistant, freelancer, consultant, or agency to manage a small portion of your business. External service providers garnered attention when companies decided to outsource workload while saving a lot of money.

Pros of external service providers:

  1. Reduced costs 

There is no denying that hiring a contract worker is relatively cheaper compared to employing lots of employees. When you hire remote workers, you don’t have to pay relocation costs, expensive insurance policies, offer benefits, bigger office space, and so on. 

In addition, outsourcing allows entrepreneurs and managers to utilize contractual employees instead of full-time ones. You don’t even have to pay them a salary. Rather, you need to pay them for the hours they worked for.

  1. Easy to manage projects

The advancement of social media and other kinds of collaboration tools helped organizations to tap the progress of a project outsourced from a remote team. All you have to do is post a project and hire a suitable remote worker or a team.

Besides, there is software that keeps both the company and external service provider on the same page. The software helps manage projects and streamline the overall process from start to finish.

  1. You get access to a pool of talent 

When you hire a team remotely, you get immediate access to some of the best talents from anywhere around the world. It means, you have experts who are well-versed in content creation, web designing, paid search media, and many more. 

Moreover, you get high-quality work at a cheaper price compared to the in-house skill of current employees.

  1. Time zone factor

The best part is that you get the work done even when you are sleeping, especially when you hire people who are awake and it’s daytime. Also, the outsourced help may not recognize your nation’s holidays. It means, your work is going on even if another staff member is out on holiday.

Cons of external service providers:

  1. Privacy concerns

When hiring people from outside, you have to pay close attention to privacy and property concerns. Besides, it can be stressful when you are hiring from other countries. That’s because they won’t abide by the laws of your country.

  1. Delays in deliveries 

Because of a lack of communication, inaccuracies, and other factors, there might be a delay in deliveries of outsourced work sometimes. Additionally, there could be issues on part of a remote team when it comes to lacking focus on the projects. 

However, these situations are rare because a good external service provider would provide outstanding work so that they remain loyal while maintaining their credibility in the market. 

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