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Experimental Elimination Roblox Code: Also Find Details On Christopher Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue

Experimental Elimination Roblox Code will discuss the popular game on Roblox and reveal the codes for the latest version.

Do you love puzzle-solving games that have some added horror? Have you ever played The Experiment game on Roblox? Is it about any experiment? What experiment is the game doing? Players in the United States are looking for Experimental Elimination Roblox Code. We are discussing here each detail of it.

What is the latest news?

The Experiment game by Deponist36 is available on the Roblox platform. The game was created on 18 August 2019, got its recent update on 7 May 2023, and is now in its V7.1. Do not worry if you find yourself in a locked dark room with spooky stuff and are not finding a way out of it. Congratulations! You are in the game The Experiment. Many people are looking for codes used in the game, and we will discuss it here.

Disclaimer: Christopher Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue is another search result along with The Experiment code. Maybe the year when he sailed ocean blue, is used as a code in the updated version.

When did he sail the Ocean Blue?

Christopher Columbus was always curious to sail west of the Atlantic Ocean. He wanted to discover an underwater passage connecting the Indies with the Indian Ocean. However, he could not find it due to unfavourable circumstances. In 1492 Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue. You can remember this as a code for your locked door.

What is the Experimental Elimination Roblox Code?

Door code is a new feature added by the developer from the V5. With the help of code, it is easier to complete the scary adventure. For this, first, players need to locate the code. Next, they can use a new code to unlock the door. Players typically have a variety of alternatives for locating this code, which makes the game interesting.

Remember, you will be given limited time to search for clues, or you will be returned to the main cell.

Codes used in The Experiment game:

Experimental Elimination Roblox Code uses two types of code:

  • Random

Here you can find codes in office, observation, Containment A, and Containment B. The headquarter service tunnels, room 8, where you can find the colour code for the tube.

Use the blue disk to determine the safe code: Director’s birthdate is 1967, employee ID is 8264, and storage code is 1732. 0306 (a notice in his office), (The foundation was founded in 1964), 2002 (year of birth of son), 2008 (the year the prior database was created), and 9032 (according to the desk note).

The cyan disk, room 7 in the archive, and the secret package can all be recycled to get the omega code. 

  1. Not Random Experimental Elimination Roblox Code

The code for Omega note: Omega

The code for abyss disk: surprise, abyss

Codes for disfigured reality: pain, hate, scorn, misery, death and more.


The Experiment game on Roblox is unique, and version 7.1 has added 40 new events, 19 new badges, 8 new outfits, and 1 new Ending. So, do not miss playing this game if you are a horror puzzle game lover. To visit The Experiment game, click here.

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