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Expedited Financial Help Scam: Explore Full Details On Expedited Financial Help Org And Reviews

This research on Expedited Financial Help Scam will guide the readers on the new scam in the name of giving loans to people. Please read it here.

Do you need financial help? What sources are available as an option for you to seek financial help? Many people are seeking help from the Expedited Financial Help site in the United States. People do not know that Expedited Financial Help Scam has fooled hundreds of people and people have been fooled by the fake messages. If you want to know more about this scam and how the scammers have been fooling innocent customers, then you must grab all the details by reading this post. Please read the details here. 


Scam by Expedited Financial Help! 

As per online sources, a text message has been received by many people in which people were asked to call back on the given number to get a loan. People who have needed money and planning to get a loan has tried to reach out to the Expedited Financial Help Org. This site claimed to provide debt relief solutions, credit counseling, financial solution, etc. However, people who are receiving the messages have been asked to revert to a toll-free number. They claim that Expedited Financial is a non-profit organization that gives financial help. However, no such detail has been mentioned on their official website. Neither certificate has been attached of being a non-profit organization. So, it signifies that the messages that the customers are receiving are scams or fraudulent messages. 

Many people who have called back on the toll-free number were not given loans and they have been charged processing fees. 

Expedited Financial Help Reviews

There are no such good reviews available on the online sites. Everyone talked about the scam that is linked with this site. Some review sites have suggested that this organization sent some messages to fool the people. However, it was not this site, some hackers have used the name of this site and are asking people to call 888-220-2311. If you cannot call, you are asked to visit the official site to get removed from the list of calls. The message says that you are eligible to get $75,000. Once you make call on this number, you will be in the trap of an Expedited Financial Help Scam and will be attended to by a loan agent who will force you to make processing fees to grant the loan. Once you do so, you will get trapped and no loan will be sanctioned to you.

DISCLAIMER: The readers must read the details carefully as it will help you to open your eyes to the fraud related to Expedited Financial Help. If you get any message from Expedited Financial Help and you are asked to call on the number, then you should immediately ignore or report such texts. 

How does the Expedited Financial Help work? 

As per the details on Expedited Financial Help Scam, this site aims to provide you with financial help. The layout of the website mentions a few facilities that they provide like they help the customers with financial assistance and solution, debt relief solutions, credit counseling, etc, by identifying the income and resources of the customers and guiding them on the financial matters. They have also mentioned their contact details in case of any queries. The customers can contact them.

The Legitimacy Details Of The Expedited Financial Help! 

This section will help you to know the honesty of the Expedited Financial Help site. 

  • Phishing Count: It has a count of phishing around 48 percent.
  • Malware Score:  As per Expedited Financial Help Scam, there is a presence of 21/100 malware count.
  • Index Of Trust: It has a dubious count of 27.5/100 based on its trust index.
  • Creation Date: June 1, 2023, is the registration date of the Expedited Financial Help site. It was found a month ago.

Final Words

Wrapping up this write-up, we have learned all the details of the scam text sent by the hackers in the name of Expedited Financial Help. You can check different tweets on this scam on Twitter also. 

Would you like to suggest some ways to avoid this scam? Please give your opinions in the comment section below.

Expedited Financial Help Scam: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Expedited Financial Help website? 

Ans. This website helps in providing the loan facility. It aims to guide people on their financial decisions and provide them counseling on credibility. 

Q2. What kind of text messages are received by the users from Expedited Financial Help? 

Ans. According to online sources, people are receiving messages that say they are eligible to get $75,000 and ask them to call the mentioned number to remove their name from the list.

Q3. How do the scammers fool once the customer had made a call?

Ans. As per Expedited Financial Help Scam, the person will be then attended by the loan agent who will force you to pay the processing fee. Once you paid, then they will not grant a loan.

Q4. What is the life continuation of Expedited Financial Help? 

Ans. This site was enrolled on June 1, 2023. This means that it has been only one month since this site was registered. 

Q5. What is the number on which they ask the customers to call? 

Ans. The number mentioned in the text message is 888-220-2311. But, make sure you should not call on any other number also.

Q6. What to do if you receive any Expedited Financial Help Scam messages from scammers? 

Ans. It is simple to ignore such texts or you can block the sender so that they cannot send you such fake messages. Also, you can install a call-blocking application that identifies spam numbers and blocks them.

Q7. Does the official website mentions any contact detail? 

Ans. You can find the contact number of the customer support service on the official website of Expedited Financial Help to seek any help.

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