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Eternal Beings NFT {Sep} Chart, Address, How To Buy?

This article describes a famous trending non-fungible digital art that is purchased using the cryptocurrency Solano. Read more about Eternal Beings NFT.

Are you an art lover who is very much interested in digital arts? If yes, you might have heard about the trending token-based digital art, that is having a large fan base on major social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Digital artists and art supporters from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom are looking forward to participating in this crypto art which has been gaining popularity recently. Read the article to know more about Eternal Beings NFT.

About the Token

Non-fungible tokens are gaining massive acceptance among the art community as it helps to make every artwork unique. As blockchain technology is used to build the NFT, one artwork cannot be copied or duplicated, which helps identify the original artwork from its duplicates.

This feature also gives the art creator its ownership which cannot be claimed by anyone else. The uniqueness of the art gives the art more value which the creator can sell to others by exchanging with other valuable cryptocurrencies. After the transfer, the ownership is also changed. 

Eternal Beings NFT

  • External Beings is a digital art creator who creates different art forms and sells them on the NFT platform in exchange for Solana cryptocurrencies.
  • Before the NFTs have created an auction, they will inform the followers by posting its details on their official Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • They regularly tweet about the updates and other details about their NFT.
  • The value of their NFT keeps changing according to the supply and demand of their published NFTs.

Market Supply Details

  • Current Token Supply: One
  • Address of mint authority: CTMNETLtgfZS1Qh4YEfbDT2UrsV1o7ffd5aCz9TvjCKs
  • Current address for Eternal Beings NFT: CN25Ziq3ZDaKzocEZDUzVrQWjQeRKn3SbUfib1y2P7xS
  • Freeze authority address: EQ84FYJ152bd9hkVPZNmMA1VM4WTYhHdidHgYAmJXbg8
  • Last Slot: 98687274
  • Address of largest owner: 8gFjd2xkggk1igD9kxyxJk1sVCsq2Yw9krhWM73Q9hDA
  • Balance available: 10.734902768 SOL

Founders & Investors

The information regarding the founders, creators, and investors of this NFT is not yet available anywhere. And if any new update regarding the founders is found, it will be updated on the upcoming articles.

How to Buy?

  • The first step involves creating an account on solsea.io. Solea is an online platform that acts as a marketplace for NFT buyers and sellers. 
  • NFT creators can place a price for their NFT, and the sellers have to pay that amount to purchase that particular NFT. Read more about Eternal Beings NFT.
  • After creating an account, log in using your user id and password.
  • A wallet like Metamask needs to be connected to sola to transfer tokens for buying the NFTs.
  • After connecting to the wallet, the user can take place in the purchase of NFT by paying the same amount of SOL to the creator.
  • After the purchase is validated, the ownership of the art is transferred from the creator to the buyer.


  •  Q1: Which cryptocurrencies are eligible to purchase the Eternal Beings token?
  • A1: Currently, all the transactions are made only using Solana.  Q2: What is the official website of Eternal Beings NFT?
  •  A2: Their official website can be found by searching eternalbeings.io
  •  Q3: Where do the users get updates and news regarding the release and price of the digital arts      created by Eternal Beings?
  •  A3: All the latest updates and information are published on their official social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. 


NFTs are gaining massive global acceptance after gaining popularity of blockchain technology. The most eye-catching feature of the NFT is its uniqueness that cannot be copied or duplicated to other forms. To know more about this token, please visit the link 

Have you purchased any Non-Fungible Tokens like Eternal Beings NFT? If so, please comment below your valuable experience on the same. Know here Common Cryptocurrency Scams And How To Avoid Them.

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