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EST 1976 Vinamilk Com: What is HTTPS EST 1976 Vinamilk com VN? Check All Hidden Facts Here!

This post is in a discussion about the recent developments of the website EST 1976 Vinamilk Com due to which the brand is the trending topic on the internet.

Do you know the famous milk brand Do you know the details regarding its discussion online? If yes, are you aware of the recent happenings of the milk brand? We will briefly discuss the brand and website details to inform you about it and learn about the recently released logo of the brand. The public is curious about the new logo and searching for its details online. 

Vinamilk is a Vietnam-based company. Read the blog carefully below to get detailed information about EST 1976 Vinamilk Com and the latest updates related to the brand. Stay connected for more information. 


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What is Vinamilk.Com?

Vinamilk is a dairy products company in Vietnam. It was founded in 1976 and has completed its 47 years in the market. The brand has reached the 36th position in the dairy category in the world in terms of revenue. The EST1976 Vinamilk com is also in the 6th position in the global milk brand. The brand built up its reputation in nutrition over the years. 

After 47 years in the market, Vinamilk has made its significant place. The dairy brand is to complete 50 years in the next three years. Recently on 6th July 2023, the brand made a valuation of 2.8 billion USD and is rated as the globally most potential milk brand. Know about the new logo through the links provided below. 

What is the specialty of the brand? 

The HTTPS EST 1976 Vinamilk com VN deals in the production and distribution of various kinds of dairy products such as condensed milk, fresh milk, powder milk, yogurt, soymilk, Ice-cream, Cheese, Coffee, fruit juice and other milk-based derivatives items. Vinamilk exports its products to more than 43 countries, including the US, Japan, Southeast and Middle East Asia, Canada, Poland, France, Germany etc. 

Vinamilk has a distribution network in 63 cities and provinces besides Vietnam, with around 220000 retail outlets. The headquarters of the company is situated in Ho Chi Minh City. The Vietnam Sovereign wealth fund owns 45% of its share. The EST 1976 Vinamilk com VN has been the dairy market leader for the last 47 years. 

Specific details about the website! 

What changes happened to

The dairy company has elevated its brand with a new identity, strategy and positioning with the release of the new logo. The new brand identity shows youthful energy and Vietnamese desire, which embodies boldness, determination and self. The company’s re-branding has happened after years of preparation with the help of international experts. The main focus of the re-branding of is in two core aspects:

  • A new step with traditional values 
  • Aim to reach the world through Vietnamese Heritage. 

Details of the logo: Vinamilk

The company representative explained the logo in detail. He said that the logo of Vinamilk is handwritten letters with white-coloured letters. The background is dark blue and violet. In addition, the EST 1976 is written below separately. There are some hidden specifics in the letter, such as a smiley hidden in the letter ‘I’ and the milk drop under the letter ‘a. The idea begins. It is simple but innovative. According to experts, the EST 1976 Vinamilk Com logo represents the lesser, the better concept.

With the concept of the new logo, users can make changes according to their creativity and make their own version. It will help in bonding with new consumers and uniquely promoting the products. 

What was the brand statement on the new developments? 

The General Director of Vinamilk, Ms Mai Kieu Lien, has stated that this is the first step towards the next five years’ planning strategy for the company’s development. Consumers will see many more changes in the coming future. 

Our approach to doing business will change thoroughly. EST 1976 Vinamilk Com will continuously think of new ways to reach customers faster and bolder. Vinamilk will always protect its values and provide the best services to its customers. 

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Final Summary 

Vinamilk has had a great reputation in the market over the year and continues to grow continuously. The new logo has created a lot of buzz among the audience, Who have mixed thoughts about the new development. The experts are of the view that it will help immensely in further brand development. 

What do you think about the new brand’s logo? Let us know in the comments down below. 

EST 1976 Vinamilk Com: FAQs

Q1. What is the website Vinamilk.Com all about? 

Vinamilk is a popular Vietnamese dairy company registered in 1976. It has more than 47 years of presence in the market. 

Q2. When was the company Vinamilk formed? 

Vinamilk was formed 1976 as a public company, Southern Coffee Dairy Company. Later in 2003, it was listed on the Stock Exchange and renamed Vinamilk. 

Q3. What is the company’s motto behind the new logo? 

They wish to connect more with the younger generation of consumers. The overall look is simple but bold, according to experts. 

Q4. When was the logo released? 

The EST 1976 Vinamilk Com logo was unveiled on 6th July 2023, when the brand achieved reaching a valuation of 2.8 billion USD.

Q5. How can you create your own text Vinamilk logo?

You can create your avatar logo through Canva or photoshopping or by visiting other logo creation websites. 

Q6. What are the Background and text colour codes for the Vinamilk logo? 

The background colour code is #0213b0, and the text colour code is #ffffff. 

Q7. What are the customer’s reviews of the re-branding logo? 

Many people find the idea interesting and unique and give positive reviews to the new updates, while others find it dull. 

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