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Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Telegram: Check What Is In The Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Video, Find Complete Information On Esenyurt Tekel BaskıNı Twitter

The article on Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Telegram has explained all the incident details.

Do you know about the Esenyurt fight? What happened at the Esenyurt’s Monopoly fight? What was the reason for the recent fight? Did someone die in the Esenyurt fight? If you want to know about Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Telegram, read here. People from the Türkiye want to know the details of the monopoly fight that happened in their country that killed a few people. Get ready to know the details about news from Turkey here. 

What Happened at Esenyurt Residential Area?

In the Guzelyurt district in Esenyurt, a recent attack involving a Tekel dealer happened. Four armed men initiated the attack, and as a result, 2 men were killed, and 1 got injured badly. The attack video has been circulating on Telegram and other social media applications. As per police, three suspects have been arrested by them. 

Disclaimer: All details taken from online sources. We are not personally blaming anyone. 

Reason Behind Esenyurt Tekel Bayi BaskıNı Izle

As per the reports, the attack happened due to debt payment among the two families. When the family could not repay the debt, the creditors took legal action against them. They approached the court and initiated legal enforcement. After that, the Erzen family started a WhatsApp forward agenda against the creditors.  

After the message spread on social media, the Gunmen arrived at the monopoly dealer’s store and started a fight. In the fight, 2 people, Yunus Erzen and Batuhan Bayindir, died. In addition, the CCTV footage from the fight has surfaced, and now Esenyurt Tekel BaskıNı Twitter is trending on social media.

Background Summary

When the gunned men arrived at the Monopoly store, they called the Erzen brothers and told them to call their father Because the WhatsApp forward message worsened the conditions. Soon the store was turned into a war field, and the fight became deadly. 

Police are investigating the matter on a large scale to ensure that no loose ends of the case are left. The usage of weapons and the faces of the suspects were recorded on the camera. It made the police’s work a little easy. They have detained the primary suspect Murat Ozer.  


Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Video, the unfortunate trending news where 2 people have died in a Fight in Turkey, is explained in the article. The fight between the two families erupted due to the debt payment. When the creditors took legal action against the debtor family, they spread malicious news on WhatsApp and blood-shed. If you wish to know more, click here

Have you watched the Esenyurt video? Please watch it here and let us know your thoughts about it.

Must Read Updates On Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Telegram: FAQs

Q1. What is Esenyurt?

A1. It is a residential region in Turkey’s Istanbul province.

Q2. What happened in Esenyurt?

A2. A fight between two families erupted because of debt repayment.

Q3. Who died in the fight?

A3. 2 people named; Yunus Erzen and Batuhan Bayindir lost their lives.

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