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Ericka Pineda Boyfriend: Grab More Details On Her Age, Accident, And Edric Go

The post explains full-fledged details on Ericka Pineda Boyfriend. Know about Ericka Pineda and Edric Go, Age, and Accident.

Have you heard about Ericka Pineda? Are you her fan? Ericka Pineda Boyfriend is trending on internet as several people are searching about her love life. Ericka Pineda is famous in Philippines, Canada, the United States, and many other countries. Ericka Pineda is trending on social media due to some reasons that are unknown to many of her fan. So let’s get into details to know more about her.

Who is Ericka Pineda Boyfriend?

Ericka Pineda is a well-known tik toker who entered the world of social media in 2020. Within a short span of time, she has gained ultimate popularity. Nowadays, Ericka Pineda is trending on Social Media but many people are unknown about the reason. Ericka Pineda Age as of 2023 is 23 years. People are also looking for her boyfriend. However, we did not find any details about her boyfriend. 

Ericka has posted a vlog on her YouTube which she captioned as a failed anniversary surprise. The vlog shows a guy surprised her with beautiful decoration at the back seat of his car outside her house. Ericka posted a shot on video from the vlog. She has posted on her YouTube channel after a very long time. Some people are speculating that the guy is Ericka Go. 

Who is Ericka Pineda and Edric Go?

Ericka Pineda is a Philippine tik toker. Edric Go is also a popular social media personality. Both the names are trending together but we can not find the relationship between them. Some people on social media are speculating that Ericka and Edric Go are dating but we haven’t found any details about the relationship between Ericka Pineda and Edric Go

As per sources, Ericka Pineda and Edric Go follow each other on instagram. Ericka has 347 thousand followers on instagram whereas Edric has 357 thousand followers. Both are very popular among the public on social media but there is no news about their relationship status.

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Ericka Pineda Accident

In March 2023, Ericka Pineda met with an accident that had injured her leg. There is no recent information about Ericka Pineda’s accident. The accident news of Ericka was initially understood as a hoax but later the influencer herself revealed about Ericka Pineda Accident

We have not found any recent details about her accident or any updates about her. Some of her fans on Twitter are posting supportive posts for her. Ericka always keeps her fans updated by posting her photographs on social media. 

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In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here on Ericka Pineda Age, Ericka Pineda is a well-known tik-tokker who is trending on social media. The exact reason of her recent trending on social media is unknown but her recent YouTube shot could be the reason behind it as a guy surprised her on her anniversary outside her house. We can not confirm her boyfriend as there are no details about her relationship in online sources. You can visit this link to grab more details on Ericka Pineda.

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Disclaimer: The post does not contain any inappropriate information about the popular TikTok. We have not found many details about the social media influencer. 

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