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Check out the below article to learn why several Zoom users identify the Epiqpay payment email as Epiqpay Scam.

Do you use Zoom? Have you received any emails from Epiqpay? Several Zoom users from the United States received an email from Epiqpay. The email explained that Zoom users will recieve a payment for a lawsuit against Zoom class settlement. 

As many people received the email, they thought it might be an Epiqpay Scam. Now, we need to find out if the email sent by Epiqpay is a legit email or a fake email. 


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Is the Epiqpay email a scam?

We like to inform our readers that the email sent by Epiqpay is not fake. Yes, you are reading it correctly. Those who questioned the authenticity of the email can now reduce their stress. The Zoom class action settlement email sent by Epiqpay is not a scam. The email is 100% legitimate.  

Is Epiqpay Legit?

Epiqpay is a company that provides digital payment services for class action settlements. Epiqpay has a long history of distributing these services. The company has a great reputation for its security and reliability. 

As a part of the Zoom settlement, Epiqpay ensured the efficient and secure provision of funds to eligible students. So, you don’t need to worry if you get an email from Epiqpay because Epiqpay is a legit company. 

More relevant information about the Epiqpay Scam:

Several people got an email from the email id- If the subject of this email contains the Zoom video settlement and the payment you will get by Epiqpay, you don’t need to worry. The email means that the person who received this email is a Zoom class settlement’s part. The person can receive a payment to their account. 

What is in the class action settlement payout?

As many people misunderstood this email as a scam, they searched for Epiqpay Reddit to learn about this lawsuit. But here, we like to clear up all your confusion. The settlement payout is only applicable to those Zoom users who downloaded, opened, or used Zoom between 30th March 2016 and 30th July 2021. The amount must be 15% of the cost of subscription or $25. 

How much money can Zoom users get through Epiqpay?

Those who have questioned- Is Epiqpay Legit would be happy to hear that you can get $32.32 through Epiqpay. According to the Zoom settlement email, Zoom users received this email on 31st May 2023, and they can claim their payment until 28th September 2023. For recent updates about this email, you can check our “Social Media Sites Links” section. 

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The Final Discussion:

We will request our readers not to spread rumors about the Epiqpay Scam. The email sent by Epiqpay is not fake. We also like to inform you that those who claimed before 5th March 2022 will get the payment only. After claiming the payment you will get the money to your account within two to five business days. You can click here to watch how to change payment methods in Zoom.

Have you also received the email? Please comment.

Epiqpay Scam– FAQ Section:

Q.1 Is the email sent by Epiqpay fake or a scam?

Ans. The email is real.

Q.2 Is Epiqpay a legitimate company?

Ans. Yes.

Q.3 Within how many days we will receive the payment?

Ans. Within 2-5 business days.

Q.4 What is the expiry date of the Epiqpay email?

Ans. 28th September 2023.

Q.5 When did people receive the Epiqpay email?

Ans. 31st May 2023.

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