Enzyme Crypto 2021.

Enzyme Crypto (July) Coin Price, Chart, Prediction

Enzyme Crypto (July) Coin Price, Chart, Prediction >> Are you searching for the Ethereum token that provides a safe environment to invest your money in? Read the content and get the details.

Decentralized Finance is becoming the most valuable application of blockchain technology with the evolution in the crypto world. One of the DeFi projects gaining people’s attention in France, United States and United Kingdom is Enzyme Finance.

So, by sharing today’s article, we are going to introduce you to this coin and will provide the necessary key features that decide whether it would be beneficial to purchase the token or not. 

Moreover, learning about the token’s price and market cap value will provide the brief idea of the coin’s popularity in the digital market.

Let’s explore Enzyme Crypto!

What is an Enzyme token?

Previously called with the name of Melon Protocol, Enzyme is made on Ethereum that provides an opportunity to its token holders to manage, create and invest in the asset management vehicles of crypto.

The purpose behind the currency is to reduce the barriers occurring in managing the assets, ultimately opening the gateways for all the consumers globally.

The enzyme coin has taken years to launch an alternative network where the users can invest their money in purchasing funds from other token-holders. 

But how can you access Enzyme Crypto? We will soon discuss the answer to the question; till then, let’s have a glance over the founder’s details.

Details of the founder of the token

Melonport launched melon or enzyme finance in 2017. Melonport is the private company established in 2016 by Mona El Isa. 

In 2017 and 2018, the token was distributed for the first time to the investors by the company in Switzerland.

If you want to capture more details of team members and the CEO of the token, then do visit the official portal once.

Price chart of the Enzyme Crypto 

  • Price of the coin – $ 113.57
  • Stock symbol – MLN
  • Price change in 24 hours – $31.47
  • Trading volume – $172545575.54
  • 24 h low / 24h high – $82.91 / $122.26
  • Market Cap – 0.8664
  • Market rank – 156
  • 7d high/7d low – $122.26 / $65.64 
  • 30d high /30d low – $180.98 / $ 57.06
  • All time high – $ 270.04
  • All time low – $1.80

The live price of the token

The current price of the token is $ 111.09. 

The total supply of the coin is 1824437 MLN, whereas the circulating supply is 1792738 MLN. Enzyme Crypto has shown a rose in its price up to 35.23% in the last 24 hours.

How to buy the token?

The top cryptocurrency exchanging platforms like Binance, Coinbase exchange, and XT.com give investors the chance to purchase the currency. 

Moreover, by following the few easy steps provided by Kraken, you can add enzyme tokens to your wallet.

  • Make your account by filling in all the necessary details.
  • Once you filled in your personal information, your account will undergo a verification process.
  • Put some funds in your account. It would be best if you put ETH or BTC to perform the exchanges.
  • With the trading feature available in Kraken, you can purchase the MLN token.

Enzyme Crypto allows you to make portfolios and invest in different projects based on the Ethereum network.

Get well-known with the profile summary, price and market cap value in detail by visiting the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the contract address of the token?


  • How to access the official website of enzyme?



The token is becoming popular due to a sudden rise in its value up to 92% in a week. So, if you are interested in purchasing Enzyme Crypto, we suggest you explore the coin’s details on your own as well.

What are your views about Enzyme Finance? Please share some words with us.

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