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Enzo Clinical Labs Scam: What Is Enzo Clinical Labs? Check Pay Bill Related Facts Now!

Around 2.5 million people got affected by the Enzo Clinical Labs Scam and registered complaints. Reveal hidden facts now.

Have you done any medical tests in Enzo Clinical Lab? Have you heard about the Enzo Clinical Lab scam? Recently, Enzo Biochem Inc. revealed the news that snatched away the sleep of thousands of people in the United States

Through Enzo Clinical Labs, the Farmingdale Company provides tests. However, Enzo Biochem Inc. revealed that hackers hacked data from them. People was so traumatized by the news that they constantly searched for Enzo Clinical Labs Scam


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Is Enzo Clinical Labs really a scam?

No, Enzo Clinical Labs is not a scam. Recently, hackers hacked the test results of around 2.5 million patients. The hackers compromised around 600,000 Social Security members. In a government filing, Enzo Biochem Inc. revealed this sensational news in the last week of May. 

Through the Enzo Clinical Labs Pay Bill, hackers get all the personal details of the patient. It is risky for a person. By using these details, anyone can commit a crime or steal someone’s money. 

What happened with Enzo Clinical Labs in April?

Yes, on 6th April, the company revealed the ransomware attack. However, the recent attack is serious. At that time, no one mentioned this ransomware attack as the Enzo Clinical Labs Scam. According to the latest filing, the company is evaluating whether the employees’ details might be involved. 

After the investigation, Enzo Biochem confirmed that hackers could easily access the company’s computer and remove data. The Enzo data breach affected almost 2,470,000 million people. 

Is the company involved with the Enzo Clinical Labs Scam?

Unfortunately, no report is available that can indicate if the company complied with the demands of hackers. One of the spokespersons of the company said that beyond the Securities and Exchange Commission filing, it had no comments. 

In March, the company announced that Enzo Biochem sold the clinic lab assets to Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings. It was a $146 million dollar deal in cash.

What Is Enzo Clinical Labs?

Enzo Clinical Labs is a full-service clinical laboratory. They are one of the leading regional labs. Enzo Clinical Labs combines the personalized and convenient service of a local one with the large laboratory’s extended testing capacities. Enzo was the first laboratory at the area that received the prestigious College of American Pathologists (CAP) award. 

What did patients say about this Enzo Clinical Labs Scam?

Patients get angry after hearing the news. After all, it is about their security. They blamed Enzo Clinical Labs for having a poor security system. People are tense about their safety. You can also check our “Social Media Sites Links” section to see their reactions. 

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The Closing Thoughts:

We like to inform our readers that the Enzo Clinical Labs Scam news is false. They did not do this intentionally. We hope Enzo Clinical Labs comes up with an effective solution to this hacking. This data breach can affect many people’s security. Click here to watch the interview video of Enzo’s President

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Enzo Clinical Labs Scam– FAQs:

Q.1 When did Enzo Biochem Inc. reveal the hacking news?

Ans. 30th May 2023.

Q.2 When did the ransomware attack happen?

Ans. 6th April 2023.

Q.3 When was Enzo Biochem founded?

Ans. 1976.

Q.4 How many employees are in Enzo Biochem?

Ans. Above 450 employees.

Q.5 How many people were affected by this hacking?

Ans. Almost 2,470,000 million people.

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