When Does the Endgame Start in Diablo 4

When Does the Endgame Start in Diablo 4?

Basically, the endgame only begins when you have completed the campaign and reached the maximum level. After that you have free rein for all sorts of activities that you can tackle in Hack&Slay. We will show you which ones might be of interest to you and also explain how they work.

This is what Diablo 4 has to offer at Endgame

Diablo 4 only becomes interesting with the maximum level of 100 levels, because that’s when the really challenging activities for your heroes begin. Now let’s start with the first activity:

The Tree of Whispers

What is this activity? The Tree of Whispers is one of the endgame activities that Diablo 4 has to offer. This tree will regularly provide you with new quests to tackle. If you do this, you will be rewarded with D4 Gold, loot, and favors. Later, you can exchange your accumulated favors at the tree for more loot.

World Event: Helltide

What is this activity? Blizzard has developed a special event for the open world, which will only occur to you once you have unlocked and activated the “Nightmare” world difficulty. The event is called Höllenflut in German and ensures that demons from Lilith are up to mischief on Sanctuary. They are mightier and stronger than you.

If you kill one of these beasts, these “Ember” items will drop. You can then redeem these on a special Helltide box to get loot. Be careful though, as these embers will drop if you should die. However, you can pick them up again if you should find them.

Nightmare Dungeons

What is this activity? Nightmare Dungeons are on the same level as Nightmare difficulty and are dungeons with tough enemies and good loot. Once you have unlocked them, modifiers are set thanks to the Nightmare Seals that make the dungeon even more difficult. The more seals you collect, the more difficult it becomes.

As you tackle harder world difficulties, more Nightmare dungeons will also unlock over time.

Fields of Hate – PvP

What is this activity? These are large areas in the open world used for PvP. In this, players can meet and compete with each other with different builds. You can then get hold of materials that can then be exchanged for Diablo 4 Items at an altar.

It’s not a direct endgame, but it’s very likely that many players with strong endgame builds will crush you. So be warned if you enter these areas as a freshly minted hero.

What about the Seasons? 

Diablo 4 is intended to be a service game in which players are constantly provided with new content so that the fun never stops. Coming seasons could not only bring new cosmetic items, but also seasonal activities that, like in Path of Exile, provide a breath of fresh air. However, it cannot be estimated before the release what exactly Blizzard has planned.

Also note that we have compiled all the information that is known about the endgame so far. If more information becomes available, we will of course update this article. What do you think of the endgame offer? are you satisfied Please leave us a comment!

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