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Empress Njamah Videos: What Is Getting Viral On Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, Reddit & Other Merdia? Checkout Here!

The article describes all the related points to Empress Njamah Videos and the ill-effects of leaking explicit pictures online.

Have you heard the news of the video leak of the Nollywood actress? Recently her ex-fiance released a video online saying he misses her and released explicit videos of her on a special chat group.

The leak shocked people from the United States, Ghana, Nigeria, the United Kingdom and Canada. In this article, we will discuss the events related to Empress Njamah Videos which were leaked online.


Disclaimer: The news mentioned here are taken from authentic sources and no false information are shared.

What is present in the video?

In the video, people can see that George Wade, the estranged ex-fiance, has allegedly shared explicit pictures of the actress. According to the sources, he created a Whatsapp group and shared all the pictures of the actress, with the ones in which she is taking a bath. 

Empress Njamah video Viral on Twitter

Since the leaked pictures on the Whatsapp group, the videos and pictures were also shared on Twitter. We can find some screenshots of the actress, but the full video is not found. The video is taken down from the Twitter handle, or if present, we did not find it anywhere.


Empress Njamah video Viral on Twitter

People ask the actress to involve the officials and put the evil man behind bars.

Can the users find the video on Instagram?

The news was telecasted all over the Internet, and Instagram was a part and the news flashed on the social media channel too, but there were no traces of the video being found there.

Instagram does not allow the posting of explicit content, and it takes down all the pictures and videos that question the person’s respect.

Reactions of people on TikTok

We did not come across the TikTok videos of the actress, but if any videos were posted on the channel, they must have been removed from there too. The man’s behaviour is unprofessional, and it is not how one expresses their methods of saying one misses their partner.

Where was the video uploaded and shared?

The videos are shared on Reddit channels, but we can only find the discussion group on the platform. Reports suggest that the videos were shared among hundred people in a Whatsapp group. The video has been shared from the Whatsapp group to other social groups.

We know that George Wade has taken revenge on the actress for breaking up with him and not being with him.

Is the video available on YouTube?

The video is not found on YouTube; only news of the incident is flashed on the entire channel. Such videos are not allowed to be posted anywhere on public platforms, and one can find such videos only on some unauthentic channels.

YouTube is more of an informational channel, condemning people from posting explicit content. 

What is the reaction of people on Telegram?

We are not sure if the video is shared on the Telegram channel as we have not got our hands on reports of the video being spread on Telegram. 

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The act done by George Wade is very unprofessional, and such kinds of people should be punished for their acts. One can find the details of the video online. 

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Empress Njamah Videos- FAQs

Q1. Who is Empress Njamah?

She is a Nigerian actress.

Q2. What happened to her?

Her ex-fiance released her explicit pictures and videos online.

Q3. When was Empress Njamah born?

November 16, 1980.

Q4. What is Njamah’s nationality?


Q5. Who are her parents?


Q6. What is her reaction to the leaked video?

She has condemned her ex-fiance’s behaviour.

Q7. When was the video leaked?

Reports flashed online on January 2, 2023.

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