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Employee Engagement Write for Us – Follow Guidelines!

Know the complete guidelines for Employee Engagement Write for Us posts to share your expertise and knowledge about Employee Engagement.

Management of any healthy organization is concerned about attrition. Valuable resources and training funds spent on employees get wasted if any employee leaves an organization. Additionally, the skillets he acquired and good output with quality also fluctuate if an experienced employee leaves. Did you know Employee Engagement helps in reducing attrition?

Please check the guidelines below if you would like to share your expertise through Employee Engagement Write for Us articles.

About Rationalinsurgent.com:

Rationalinsurgent.com aims to provide factual, honest, and unbiased details related to trending news and topics. Rationalinsurgent.com is a knowledge-based commercial website.

Our readers are interested to know more practical implications from an experienced and skillful professional about Employee Engagement. Hence, we allow posting articles about Employee Engagement on Rationalinsurgent.com.

Skill sets of a writer:

The blogger must be able to analyze the requirement of readers related to Employee Engagement and put it across with the help of his excellent written communication skills.

The article writer must be able to independently research any topic related to Write for Us + Employee Engagement.

Qualifications of a writer:

We do not require an HR certification (or) education in HR as a major subject. However, experience working under an HR (or) as an HR is valuable.

Experience as a blogger, guest post, content, and article writer is necessary.

General guidelines:

  • Your write-up must be on Employee Engagement topics only.
  • The word limit of the article must not exceed 1,500 words.
  • Your article must include two non-copyrighted images, an introduction, references of the source of information, a conclusion, FAQs, and related social media links.

SEO norms about Write for Us Employee Engagement:

  • Your article must NOT contain plagiarism, repetitive information, offensive content and words, redundancy, grammatical mistakes, advertisement links, (or) any unprofessional advice about Employee Engagement.
  • It should contain a logical flow using bullet points, headings, and subheads.
  • It must include a do-followup link, concrete details and numbers, and a high readability score.
  • More than eighty percent of the article must be in active voice.
  • Keywords must be consistently placed at the correct density.


  • Best Employee Engagement practices,
  • Solutions to employee issues,
  • Feedback of employees
  • Employee collaboration,
  • Employee communication,
  • Family connect events
  • Employee branding,
  • “Write for Us” + Employee Engagement related to compensation and benefits,
  • Insights of Employee Engagement research,
  • Leadership connect events,
  • Regular 1:1 sessions,
  • Team outings and dining,
  • Performance management,
  • Recognition and rewards,
  • Better workplace environment,
  • Safety of employees, Etc.

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Advantages of writing for us:

Get more viewership and new opportunities. Expand your network, customer relationship, and internet presence through your posts.

Submitting guest posts:

Please email your articles to team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com. Rationalinsurgent reserves the right to delete and edit any unwanted information in your Employee Engagement article.


The blogger must be aware of the aftermath of Employee Engagement activities on an organization and incorporate them as necessary in the guest post. You can share your observations and related experience in Employee Engagement Write for Us articles. We will inform you before publishing your guest posts. Once your write-up is approved, you cannot submit it to other websites.

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