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{Full Watch} Elysha Video Prank Twitter: Check Full Content On Live Maman Prank Video

Our research on the Elysha Video Prank Twitter will highlight the reaction of the public to the recent prank video.

Did you watch the latest prank video of Elysha? This video has surprised everyone as her fans were not expecting what Elysha Video Prank Twitter showed. This video started circulating on online sites making everyone in France gossip about the video. In this post, we will share the complete details of the prank video of Elysha. So, stay in touch with us.

The Prank Video Of Elysha! 

As per online sources, Elysha who is an influencer and makes short videos on TikTok, has been trending due to her recent prank video. This video is considered her greatest prank to date. She recorded the video herself and uploaded it on her social media like Tiktok. The video garnered a lot of attention from users. But, what is this prank? Some people are not aware of the prank done by Elysha. So, in this prank, she dubbed a car accident scenario and asked for help from her audience. 

She portrayed a fake car accident in which she can be seen sitting in the simulated car, created an illusion using special effects, and dubbed an accident scene to fool the audience. She gave some effects like fake blood that made everyone realize that the prank video on Telegram was true. 

The reactions of the people were shocking as they panicked after watching the accident video. They considered the accident real. However, Elysha previously stated that it would be the greatest prank and she proved it right as it was genuinely the most shocking prank for the audience. To know the reaction of the people to this prank, kindly read ahead.

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The Reaction Of The Public To Elysha Live Maman Prank

As per online sources, Elysha fooled her fans by creating an illusion of a car accident. It was a live prank recorded by Elysha to know the reaction of her fans. However, her fans were dumbstruck to notice the video of the prank. They tried to help Elysha and even called the emergency number to help her. It was a twenty-minute video. Elysha added fake blood and a cracked windshield to make the incident look true. Her fans tried to rescue the influencer by calling them on an emergency number. It might have been broadcast on Youtube and other social media sites. You can check the video of this prank on the online site. 

DISCLAIMER: We have given information based on the data available on the online sites. This video was only a prank video and not a real video. 

Role Of Social Media To Make This Video Viral! 

Social media sites have played a significant role in making this prank video viral. This video instantly garnered the attention of many people after it was posted on Instagram and other social media sites. Fans became emotional after they joined the live prank video. It was the social media through which this video got a lot of attention from the viewers. Now, this prank video can be seen on various other sites.


To wrap up this post here, we have provided some factual details on the viral prank video of Elysha () on Reddit and other social media sites. The video is available on several social media sites and might be available on her official account. To know more, please check this link. 

Were you shocked to learn about the prank video of Elysha? Please share your ideas on the video in the comment box.

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