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Elite Performance K9 Reviews write-up, has summarized the report on the dog death controversy at a training centre.

Has Elite Performance K9’s negligence led to the death of pet dog Winston? Is Elite Performance’s pet boarding service safe for pet training and other activities? A pet lover family from Australia has accused the dog training service in Sydney of miscommunication concerning their pet dog’s health condition.

The dog died in trainer’s custody, but his cause of death is still not known. Elite Performance K9 Reviews has covered this story and shared related links.

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Elite Performance K9 Customer Ratings:

Celina’s family searched online for pet training services and found a K9 rating favourable to get their dog trained. K9 pet training service had a customer rating of 4.6 at the time of Celina’s inquiry, but it has reduced to 4.0 on 12th July 2023. The training service has a rating of 4.7 on other review websites from 64 customer feedback.

It appears that recent controversy has resulted in the downgrading of the rating for this Website, as most people have given one star to it. 

Elite k9 Dog Training Role in Winston Death:

Some media reports suggest that there was a miscommunication between Celina’s family and the dog training Service Company. According to the family, the dog was healthy at the time of admission into Elite Performance. The trainers reported that Winnie was not eating well and took the family’s advice on the pet dog food menu.

The family paid $1515 for a two-week training session for a dog with K9 pet services. Elite Performance also took the dog to the vet doctor twice, but according to Celina’s allegation, his health condition was not correctly reported. Elite k9 Dog Training service also sent the photo of the dog captioned” looks on the mend”.

A call from K9 altered the Zazzarino family that his condition was deteriorating, and they were taking the dog to a pet hospital. The family found Winston in dying condition when they reached the K9 service.

Elite K9 Response to Zazzarino Family Allegations:

Elite K9 found themselves among controversy for the death of Dog Winston. The Elite training service has responded to the allegation by a legal representative. It said Winnie’s condition was reported to the owner, and his client immediately called for medical intervention.

Elite Performance K9 Reviews after Winston’s Death:

The rating of Elite K9 has reduced to 4.0 from 4.6 after the death of Winston. The controversy has led to an emotional outburst, and some netizens have given a one-star rating to K9 without seeking its service. 

Elite K9 has also removed its review rating page on social media sites to avoid netizen outbursts. It had a good rating score on the maximum review website before Winston’s death controversy. 

Social Media Links:

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Final verdict: 

Elite K9 is trying to get out of the recent controversy without eroding its brand image; it has responded to the family allegation through a legal representative.

Elite Performance K9 Reviews: FAQs

Q.1   What is the cause of Winston’s Death?

          Zazzarino’s family is waiting for the autopsy report to determine Winnie’s cause of death.

Q.2   How veterinary doctor is looking at Winston’s death?

         Doctor Rob said the dog was sick, and the trainer must have noted it a little earlier.

Q.3 Are the social media sites of Elite K9 active at present?

        Yes social media account of Elite K9 is active at present.

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