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Elite Healthcare Wellness Scam: Is This Site Legit? Also Check Detailed Reviews

The article on the Elite Healthcare Wellness Scam discussed all the essential details.

Do you know about the Elite Healthcare Wellness Services? What type of services does Elite Healthcare Wellness provide? If you want to learn about the Elite Healthcare Wellness Scam, please read this article here. People from the United States are keen to know about this website, the services it provides and its authenticity. 

Is Elite Healthcare Wellness A Scam or Not?

This is a website for a healthcare organisation or a nursing home providing various medical services. But the authenticity check is always important to know the whereabouts and attributes of the organisation where one is investing their time & money. Hence, the pointers below will cruise you through the legitimacy factors of this nursing home. 

  • Domain Registration Date: 18th August 2023
  • Domain Expiration Date: 18th August 2024 
  • Trust Score: It is just 38.3 out of 100.
  • Elite Healthcare and Wellness Reviews: No reviews about the website are available on any trusted portal. 
  • Malware Score of Website: 48 out of 100
  • Phishing Score of Website: 22 out of 100
  • HTTPS Connection: Valid
  • Website’s Popularity: Zero
  • Proximity of a Suspicious Website: 28 out of 100
  • Threat Score: 48 out of 100
  • Spam Score: 1 out of 100

By judging the above-given pointers, the website seems suspicious and non-trustworthy. Let us discuss more about the website.

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Characteristics & Details on Elite Healthcare Wellness 

They claim to provide the best healthcare services in Iowa, U.S. Let us determine if Elite Healthcare Wellness Scam exists. They claim to offer several medical services, such as home nursing and other health-related services at their hospital. Here are some characteristics:

  • Website’s URL:
  • Email Address: Interface of the Website: The user interface of this website is not up to mark
  • ‘About Us Details: Provided on the website
  • Social Media Presence: No
  • Other Policies: Not provided
  • Address: 2220 33rd Street, Spirit Lake, Iowa.
  • Owner’s details: Not provided
  • Staff Details: Not available
  • Feedback & Reviews: No reviews are available anywhere on the internet.

Is Elite Healthcare Legit? Additional Details

Upon in-depth research of this website, we discovered that it is based on an authentic website of the ‘Elite Health & Wellness’ centre located at the same address provided by the former website in Iowa, U.S. It has reviews on Google Maps and a social media presence. Thus, we will discuss it in brief.

  • Website’s URL:
  • Trust Score: The trust score is perfect 100
  • Domain Registration Date: 19th September 2016
  • Social Media Presence: Strong
  • Owner’s or Staff Details: Available
  • Phone Number & Address: Provided
  • Visiting Hours: Provided on the website
  • Testimonials & Feedback: Available on the website and Google.

Note: The article on the Elite Healthcare Wellness Scam provided details about the real and duplicate websites.

Social Media Presence of Elite Heath & Wellness


Google Workspace

For more details, click on the links provided.


The website ‘Elite Healthcare & Wellness’ seems a scam and duplicate website. Their trust score is also questionable and flagged. We have also debunked the original health centre ‘Elite Health & Wellness’ official website and details about it. It is situated in Spirit Lake, Iowa, and the former website also claims to have an office at the same place. Thus, we advise our readers to avoid the Elite Healthcare Wellness Scam. For more details, click here.

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