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Elite First Advantage.Com: Get Full Update On Elite First Advantage Text Message Scam Details

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about the Elite First scam to learn how it works and how to avoid it.

Elite, also known as First Advantage or, is a reputed background check company in the United States. Fadv has a presence in several countries. It provides services for checking and reporting background for individuals, businesses, rental houses, criminal records, and 26 other checks from 15 different industries. 

Fadv services include providing a free report yearly on request, Etc. But did you hear about the Fadv scam? Let’s check more about Elite First


Fadv Scam:

Unlike the words sound, there is no scam plotted under the name of Fadv and the company is not involved in any kind of scam reported in recent days. The user’s feedback on the internet suggests that several Fadv background check reports were incorrect, which resulted in the loss of jobs, increment, onboarding, Etc. Such instances were treated as a scam by hundreds of people who had suffered.

The BBB received 114 complaints in the past 12 months and 176 complaints overall in the past 3 years. Several consumers complained about Elite First Advantage Scam, as their report included mismatched information about other individuals. For instance, an employee reported that his report included information about felony records, which he had never committed. 

Another person informed that Fadv confirmed with him over the email if he was a resident of Philadelphia. The person promptly responded, saying no. However, his report was mismatched with another person who was a resident of Philadelphia and felony charges got reported. Due to such errors, people lost their jobs, increments, Etc.

Several law firms reported that their clients approached them to dispute the report. During the course of action against Elite First, it was reviled that Fadv tried to find a match with the person’s name, DoB, and partial SSN. Several times, they come across the credentials of another person with a similar name, DoB, and partial SSN. Due to this, Fadv background check reports contain mixed information.

How to dispute and get the report corrected?

Several consumers reported to BBB that Fadv did not respond to their request for correcting their reports. When people called customer service to speak to a supervisor, they were advised to email their concerns. The customer service number has a long waiting time, and people have to spend hours waiting.

There were no reports of Elite First Advantage Text Message scams. The people who had suffered due to incorrect reporting considered Fadv reports a scam. 

A person can approach a customer protection agency to dispute the Fadv report. They need to obtain a copy of the report from Fadv or from the business that had requested the report. The customer protection agency will reach Fadv to rectify the report. However, in several cases, the report was not corrected. In such cases, the customer can approach a law firm and file a case.

Customer reviews:

The Fadv employees rated it at 3.6/5 stars from 815 reviews. On average, Elite First gained terrible 2.2/5 stars from 67 customer reviews. Other Fadv rating on the internet pertains to employee reviews from Fadv partners. No reviews or ratings were present on social media websites. A few YouTube reviews about Fadv were negative and suggested that Fadv often provide incorrect background check reports.

Social media links:

Fadv has a wide presence on social media platforms, with 1,13,583+ subscribers. 


No Fadv scam or information about fraudulent text messages sent by scammer was traced on the internet, social media, customer blogs, or customer review websites. Fadv seems a legitimate background check agency. Errors in Fadv reports are unintentional. However, it hurts people awaiting onboarding, promotions, jobs, increments, Etc. Hence, people treated misreporting by Fadv as a scam.

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Elite First – FAQ

1Q. What information must be reviewed by the target customer on whom the Fadv report is prepared?

Read the report carefully to check if your name, DoB, and partial SSN are erroneously confused with any other person. 

2Q. What resources do you require to dispute the Fadv report?

You need to obtain a copy of the Fadv report either from the business that had ordered it, or you can directly request Fadv to provide you with the report. You need to contact a consumer protection agency to help dispute the Elite First report. If you still need assistance, you may file a case regarding Fadv publishing the incorrect report.

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