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Elemental Dungeons Roblox: Explore Details On Wiki, And Codes Of The Game

Learn about the Elemental Dungeons Roblox game, its Wiki, and active Code details.

What is Elemental Dungeons Roblox? Is the Elemental Dungeons game present on Roblox? What are the working codes of Elemental Dungeons? If you wish to know about the Elemental Dungeons game, read this article properly. Roblox community members & netizens Worldwide are trying to know all the possible details about this game. 

Elemental Dungeons Roblox

It is an adventurous game for all age groups, created by Malt Games. This game can be described as a fighting game in which the player has to defeat the bosses and win the mythical abilities and skills. The game was created on 7th August 2022 and recently updated on 23rd September 2023.

1.5 million people have visited the game till now, and more than 1000 players have added it to their favourite list. It has 11,977 active players, and its server size is 22. The player must start a dungeon or enter one (previously made by any other player) as they may like. 

Elemental Dungeons Wiki

The official page of the game has yet to be created. But we have extracted information about the game. The gameplay takes work. One has to collect gems, fight bosses and carry on their journey. There will be quests for the player to win, and then they will be rewarded by the mythical elements.

The player has to learn and master the usage of these elements to the best of their abilities. The game is very engaging and thriller as a player moves forward. The players will be ranked as per their completed quests or their playing level. As the player grows, the rank will improve. 

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Elemental Dungeon Codes

Every player is searching for the codes of the Elemental Dungeon game. The game has just three working codes for September 2023. Let us have a look at the codes which are working:

  • BETA – Use the code and redeem 60 Gems
  • RefundSP – Use this code and get a refund of your skill points.
  • BrokenGameMeSorry123 – This code can be used to get free random rewards. 

Apart from the above codes, a player can like the game, add it to their favourite list, and get free gems in return. 

More Facts About Elemental Dungeon Game

The developers have also specified that the Elemental Dungeons Wiki game might have bugs or glitches in between. Thus, they have urged the player to report the bugs and provide suggestions, if any. They have also provided a list of controls, as follows:

  • Click ‘Z’ to drink the potion
  • Press ‘Q’ to Dash
  • Press ‘Shift’ to see third person
  • Click ‘B’ for the Backpack

They have provided a premium option for the player. Although no fee has been mentioned, let us know the premium benefits.

  • Increase in EXP by 10&
  • Increase in Gold by 10%
  • AFK Gems will be increased by 50%


In today’s article, we discussed the trending Roblox game ‘Elemental Dungeon’ and its Elemental Dungeon Codes. There are three active codes for the game, which was updated on 23rd September 2023. Players are trying to look for changes and improvements in the game. For more details on Elemental Dungeon, click here.

Have you played Elemental Dungeons? Please share your experience of Elemental Dungeon’s gameplay in the comment below. 

Disclaimer: This article has provided details about the game, but we could not locate the details about improvements after the update on this game. 

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