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El Siri Video Twitter: Check Full Content On Gore Video Original

The El Siri Video Twitter article has provided the most searched queries about the topic.

Who is El Siri? Why is El Siri’s Twitter Video trending? Is El Siri a person’s name or a person’s age? If you also wish to know all the details about the El Siri Video Twitter, follow this article and read all the facts. People from Mexico have searched on this topic and tried to extract information about it.

Details About El Siri Trending Video on Twitter

A video related to Jalisco’s New Generation Cartel has been trending online for the past few days. The video is titled ‘El Siri’. Now, there is no information about the exact meaning of the title. Thus, we now know if it is a person’s name or a place. However, we know that the video has a man who was said to be a leading figure of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. 

El Siri Gore video involves the death of a member of the CJNG group. He was said to be the Lieutenant of the Sahuayo, Michoacan region for the CJNG group. He was also believed to have a close relationship with the authorities and mayor of the area. A rival criminal group killed him, and its video has been released online.

Disclaimer: This article contains information about the death of a member of the CJNG group. The viral video related to it is susceptible; thus, no link will be provided. 

Additional Details on El Siri Video 

The video is supposed to be initially from 2018; thus, the incident is also believed to be old. But we have no proof to support these details. Name, identity, and Lieutenant’s whereabouts are still unknown because he is thought dead (as per the viral El Siri Video Original Twitter). 

The rival group who killed the Lieutenant of Sahuayo is called ‘Viagras.’ They are a criminal group from the Sahuayo area of Mexico, operating in that region only. Thus, when the presence of CJNG increased in the area, the tension between both groups was volatile. Thus, the Lieutenant was a member of the CJNG group who was confronting this rivalry single-handedly.

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Facts Related to El Siri Video

The video is not readily available on the internet, and anyone who needs to watch it must dig deep to search for it. The video was said to be posted by the Viagras group after they committed this horrific crime. El Siri Video Twitter had intense footage of torture and bloodshed. 

Netizens who watched the video claim it is a visual-audio file with highly violent content. Also, the news about the Lieutenant (who was killed) and the Sahuayo Mayor’s close relationship is not confirmed. A fight broke out between the ‘Las Viagras’ and the CJNG group, which resulted in intense bloodshed. 

Social Media Presence & More

As discussed earlier, the video is not readily available on social media. We searched for any possible link and news about the El Siri video present on social media or Twitter, but we failed to find any.  

Final Summary of El Siri Video Twitter

A Lieutenant from CJNG of the Sahuayo area was killed, and that video was circulated to social media with the tag ‘El Siri.’ The video frightened the general public and questioned their security. The murder was carried out by a criminal group called ‘Las Viagras.’ Both groups were arch-rivals in the region, and they fought for their control. The video is inappropriate and gore. For more details about the CJNG group, click here.

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