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{Uncensored} El Patron Real Video Real No Blur: What Is Assustador? Is Link On Reddit?

This piece dives into the notorious unblurred clip known as the El Patron Real Video Real No Blur and its Link present throughout the online platforms.

Have you heard the news of no blur video? This has caused a stir online? Do you in immediate time come across the unedited Patron’s Real Video? This widely spread video from Brazil has left Thailand, Philippines audiences in a shock. How exactly does this unblurred footage entail, and why the video has gained such curiosity? To gather the better understanding, read ahead.

Catch details of El Patron Real Video Real No Blur:

El Patron refers to a spread of video depicting the inhuman carrying out of an decent man subjected to 5 deadly shots towards his face. The culprit made a recording of this gruesome act and populated it all over the internet. In the video the victim enduring five face shots resulted in a torrent of blood and infact his eyes being exacted from their place. This unfiltered depiction about the El Patron Video Link is filled with disturbing content and led to its banishment from several reputable online media portals. 

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The Chilling view of El Patron Video Assustador:

The word ‘Assustador,’ meaning is to ‘frightening,’ aptly describes the El Patron’s video’s chilling nature. The victim in this appalling act appeared visibly terrified. Man wearing a (neon) green color t-shirt and orange shorts, also a hat on his head, had faced this Los Olivos’s shooting incident on 21st February. The past hints at the victim borrowing money but failing to repay, prompting drastic measures from the lenders. Sadly, this incident isn’t an isolated case, with the perpetrators known for having same tye of crimes in that area.

Current Accessibility of El Patron Video Reddit:

Presently, the Patron’s video is not much accessible on the mentioned portal. Although some Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram platforms claim to possess the original viral video, caution is advised against fake links. Moreover, many countries may put the restrictions on acquiring such explicit content.

El Patron’s original Incident Video:

The video rightly caught the authority’s attention because of its graphic nature. This El Patron Video Link has disturbing content and hence no one shall view it. Social media has become a channel to share any kind of content that diminishes the identity and self-respect of the sufferer. Irrespective of the several responses, the video got populated all over the online platforms. Various online platforms got shocked and had taken down the videos of El Patron. However, a few portals, claim to have the same content but it is not advisable to visit them.

Penta and Alberto El Patron had a shoot(?) fight that resulted with staff coming in to break them up
byu/rookierook00000 inSquaredCircle


This article delves into the mystery of the El Patron Real Video Real No Blur accident, specifically guards the audiences aged above 18. The accident concern to such type are always heart breaking hence we do not advise our readers to watch such content. Additionally, consider viewing the El Patron graphic presentation on YouTube.

Disclaimer: This write up has got information of violently done murder and, all information is taken from the internet.

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