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[Full Video Link] El Cholo Death Video: Was He Killed? Is There A Spanish Cafe With Same Name? Has The Autopsy Photo Updated On Twitter & Reddit? Check Pics Now!

The article has provided all the information on El Cholo Death Video and discussed his autopsy report and in what situation he was found.

Have you seen the El Cholo confession video? El cholo is already dead, and in his video, he has shared things about his crime. People from the United States and worldwide are curious about him and the crimes he has committed. If you are looking for something to deal with your question on this topic, then we have your back.

In this article, we will inform the readers about El Cholo Death Video and all the related information.


What was in the Death video of El Cholo?

The video of El Cholo, circulated over the internet, has a confession about his deeds. In that video, he has five hooded men with guns, all thoroughly covered. In the video, he took responsibility for all the crimes he had done in the past. 

He confessed that he was behind the massacre in La Jauja Island, where on 27 February 2021, eleven people were killed. He also stated in the video that on 30 December 2018, he ordered a grenade at the US Consulate to heat the whole city.

How were people worked up after El Cholo Death Video Twitter?

When the video of El Cholo got posted on the internet, people did not take much time to get it viral. From Twitter to Reddit, this video has become a new sensation. After watching the video and hearing El Cholo about his crimes. It was shocking and terrifying at the same time.

This video led him to his deathbed, and a few hours after the video was shared, police found his death on a bench.

How El Cholo died, according to his Autopsy Photo?

According to his Autopsy report, he was shot three times in the head and had four wounds, indicating that a sharp object stabbed him. His eyes were gouged out, and eight toes were cut off. And his tongue was pulled out without chopping it off.

How people reacted to El Cholo Reddit Images?

People who abducted El Cholo anonymously posted a photo of his face where a person had grabbed his hair, and El Cholo was gritting his teeth. People were terrified and calm that the video and pictures seemed like a horror movie plot.

Information On El Cholo

  • His full name was Carlos Enrique Sanchez Martines
  • He was from Guadalajara, Jalisco
  • He was the leader of a cartel in Mexico

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The final Verdict

The person behind the El Cholo Death Video hasn’t been identified yet. But the video has a confession about all the crimes El Cholo did with his mouth.

Do you think El Cholo was punished in the right way? Comment down.

El Cholo Killed Video (FAQs)

1- Did El Cholo record himself?

A- The recording looked more like he was forced to do it.

2-Who was behind the whole plotting and abduction of El Cholo.

A- Most probably his Rival.

3-In what state El Cholo body was found?

A- It was wrapped in black plastic, and they had stuck messages on him with Knife.

4-On what platform El Cholo Autopsy Pics were circulated?

A- On Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram

5-Is there anyone who can be a suspect in this case?

A- Yes, people assume that CJNG members are behind this case.

6-Are the Autopsy pictures still available?

A- Yes

7- Is there any Spanish Cafe with the same name?

A- There is an El Cholo Spanish café in Los Angeles.

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