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[Updated] Eddie Irizarry Case: Check Information On Body Cam Video Reddit

We have given all the facts on Eddie Irizarry Case and you will get to know about Body Cam footage on Eddie Irizarry.

What is the case of Eddie Irizarry? You must have heard this name in the news channel nowadays. Eddie Irizarry Case is one of the most controversial cases in the United States and after the recent update on this case, people are making it more trending. In today’s post, we will help you understand the updates on Eddie Irizarry. 

What is Eddie Irizarry Case

On August 14, Eddie Irizarry was killed by the police officers. The police officers stopped him for rough driving and drew a gun at him after they noticed that Eddie was showing them a knife. The court has recently withdrawn charges against Mark Dial who drew a gun on Eddie Irizarry. 

Eddie Irizarry Video

As per online sources, Eddie Irizarry’s videos and pictures of when the gun was being pointed at him by Mark Dial accompanied by Michael Morris went viral. The footage was captured through the body camera.

Eddie Izzard Philadelphia Latest News! 

As per online sources, Philadelphia police officer, Mark Dial has been released of all the charges by the court. The Judge of Municipal Court, Wendy Pew said that there is no evidence to prove that Mark shot him. 

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Eddie Irizarry Body Cam

There was some footage of Mark Dial pointing a gun at Eddie Irizarry. These pictures proved that the gun was pointed at him, but whether he shot or not the evidence is not clear. Michael Morris, the other police officer with Mark Dial revealed that Eddie Izzard Philadelphia showed a knife to them. However, the image from the body cam does not reveal if he had shown a knife to the police officers. 

The Reaction of the Family of Eddie Irizarry! 

As per the information on Eddie Irizarry Reddit, it was revealed that the family members of Eddie Irizarry were disappointed after the police officer was released. The preliminary hearing was dismissed and thus family members lost hope for justice for Eddie Irizarry. 

Actions Against Mark Dial on Eddie Irizarry Reddit Case! 

The young police officer had faced a lot of criticism. He was earlier convicted of killing an innocent man. However, Mark Dial was suspended by the police commissioner on September 18 and he was convicted of manslaughter, assault, etc. Eddie Irizarry Body Cam video suggested that he had committed this crime, but no facts were there to prove if he shot the gun. The matter has still not been closed and still people are talking about this case. 

The family of Eddie Irizarry will not leave the case and may appeal to higher authorities. Moreover, all these are assumptions as no official statement has been made by the family members on Eddie Irizarry Video. We will update our readers when the facts will be published on online sites. 


Summing up this post, we have given some details that are crucial for the readers to know about Eddie Irizarry. We hope that the readers will find this post helpful. The facts are taken to guide the readers on this case.

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DISCLAIMER: We do not intend to blame anyone in this case. We have informed the readers based on the details published online. Kindly consider this research only for informative purposes. 

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