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Eddie Adams Electrician: Wass The Accident Happened In Workshop Lead To Death? Checkout Trending Photo Details Here!

The Eddie Adams Electrician article will detail the arc flash accident that occurred in January 2001, and how the friends are remembering old days.

Do you realize the shocking news of an electrician who met with an accident? The news is trending on social media and other platforms about the electrician Eddie Adams who has lost his life in an accident at his working place. 

This news will be discussed in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada and people eagerly searching for Eddie Adams ElectricianThrough the following discussion, we will discuss every aspect of news.


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What is the news of Electrician Eddie Adams?


What is the news of Electrician Eddie Adams

Electrician Eddie Adams, an oriented strand board mill worker in Elkin, lost his life on 18 January 2001 due to an arc flash that burst on his face. 

According to a statement given by his co-workers, when a 2300 starter was not working, he went to check with a 1000V multimeter after warning, and an electric arc flash blasted on his face.

What was the impact of the Electrician Accident?

The horrible news has gone viral again after a decade due to a video created in honour of Adams. One of his friends posted a training video on YouTube. In this video, you can see how an arc flash blasted on the face of an electrician. (Checkout it in conclusion).

The Death of Adams shocked his family, co-workers and managers. This story will open the eyes of those working with electricity and warn them how much they should be careful about this kind of hazard. You can see Photo of this tragedy on various social media platforms. The news has been discussed on Reddit and people are posting their comments.

The images and safety video from this kind of electric arc flash has been trending on social media for a decade to create awareness among electricians. In the video, you heard the voice of his co-workers who are telling this terrific story of Eddie Adam’s accident.

You can also see the news on the Facebook page of National Electrical Code, an NGO that is creating awareness among people through sharing this news on its social media platform.

What is the reason for his Death?

He died due to the explosion of a 2300-volt starter on his face. He came from a mill covered in fire, and his co-workers and managers were shocked and lost his life.


We did not find information about his funeral ceremony anywhere on the social platform or any other statement given by his family.

Biography of Eddie Adams-    

Full Name Eddie Adams
Date of death 14th January 2001
Cause of death Electric arc flash
Nationality American
Mother name unknown
Father name Unknown
Marital status married
Children two
Workshop  an oriented strand-board mill in Elkin, N.C.
Profession Electrician
School/High School Not found
Education Qualification Not known

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In January 2001, Electrician Eddie Adams went to check with a 1000V multimeter, when the 2300 starter was not working. Now, one of his friend posted their training video on YouTube and this news again has taken a flashback.

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Eddie Adams Electrician-FAQs-

Q.1 Who was Eddie Adams?

Ans- He was an Electrician.

Q.2 What was his age at the time of Death?

Ans- Not known.

Q.3 What was the name of his parents?

Ans- Unknown.

Q.4 Where did he was lived?

Ans- We still need to get details about his residential place.

Q.5 What was his qualification?

Ans- there is no detail about his schooling or college anywhere on the internet.

Q.6 Why is Eddie Adams going to be discussed after more decades?

His co-workers have posted Ans-One of the videos for training purposes related to his Death to get readers’ attention.

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